Friday, May 8, 2009

End of the Week Round Up

Good evening folks. Today has been the day from hell. It has to be the full moon. I have never dealt with so many unhappy folks one after another in all my life. We need the sun to come out and end this stormy weather.

Thursday's night's games provided interesting contrasts. The Chicago-Vancouver game was played very close to the vest and was more of a chess match while the Wing-Ducks game was power against power.

It was good to see ex-Pred Darcy Hordichuk score a rare goal for the Canucks after a half game of 0-0 action. Marty Havlat ended up tying the game late to drive it to overtime. He always seems to be timely with many of his goals. I really had a feeling going into OT that it would not go deep and it did not as Andrew Ladd scoring 2:52 into the extra period.

Jackson was really disappointed, especially since he has committed to the Canucks as his team for the duration, even buying a hat. This one really looks like it's headed for seven games at this point.

In the late game, Detroit finally looked like the dominant Red Wing team that we have seen over the years. Corey Perry and Johan Franzen has the game tied with two goals each until Marian Hossa stepped in with two quick goals of his own to put the Wings out in front for good. It will be interesting to see how Jonas Hiller bounces back after his first poor performance of the playoffs. Having an extra day off to make the trip east may help. I'm starting to get a feeling that Detroit may win the next two to end the series.

Tonight's games will tell the tale of the two Eastern Conference series. Both games are crucial for each team involved.

In the early game (if you can call a thirty minute stagger early), The Caps can put the Pens in a hole that may be impossible to escape. A Pens win will go a long way toward pushing this to seven games. I think the Pens will be ready and eek out a close one unless Varalmov stands on his head and dominates.

The Hurricanes can really put the heavily favored Bruins in a bad position with a win tonight. If Boston wins, the wind will be out of the Hurricanes sails and the series will be back in the Bruins court. On paper, you have to think Boston will win, but it has been Carolina's heart that has gotten them the lead. I'm going with logic and picking the Bruins.

The RLD has all the previews covered for tonight and has Jackson's weekly View from the Couch (our couch, the little traitor).

In Predators news...

The Milwaukee Admirals, fell flat on their face Thursday night, losing to Houston 2-0 to fall behind 3-1 in the series. The game was a 1-0 affair with the Ads in it up until an empty netter with two seconds left put the game out of reach. Penalties hampered the Ads in the contest that brought them to a win or go home situation Saturday night, at home, in Milwaukee. It would be a real shame to see the Ad's monster season end this quickly.

In the World Championships on Friday, Team USA fell to Russia 3-2 when erstwhile Predator Alexander Radulov scored the game winning goal with 1:47 left in the contest. The US squad will now play for the Bronze medal against Sweden on Sunday.

In the second semifinal game, Canada had their way with Sweden, winning 3-1 to advance to the finals against Russia on Sunday. This will be a rematch of last year's game that ended in bitterness for Canada with a loss, and will match Pred properties Alexander Radulov against Shea Weber and Dan Hamhuis.

All the up to date stats on Pred players can be found here.

We would like to thank the graduating Brandon Felder for one of the nicest #followfriday recommendations that we have ever received on Twitter today. He really went out of his way to say nice things about POTG. A heartfelt thanks from POTG to Brandon and best wishes on his career which is set to really take off in the next few months. We'll be able to say"We knew him when..." one of these days soon.

Forechecker has his Weekend Roundup with a lot of good information here.

I had a really nice conversation with Preds fan and STH Scott Osborne this afternoon. He won a dinner with Coach Barry Trotz at a recent auction and is really looking forward to the upcoming meal with the coach and his wife. That is a really unique opportunity that Scott will definitely enjoy. Scott has agreed to come on POTG Radio in a few weeks and share the highlights of his conversation with Barry.

On the Coyote front...

The NHL's Bill Daily appeared on XM204's Hockey This Morning and assured everyone that Jerry Moyes had no authority to file bankruptcy since the NHL was in control of the team. He also said the the team would be in Phoenix "in three years" giving aid and comfort to the loyal Coyote fans. The complete podcast can be heard here and is worth the listen.

More from Daily on TSN including "We don't pick fights but we end them."

The Save The Coyotes site is now up and has a petition and complete updated information on the situation. The Make It Seven crowd in Canada is really full of themselves making some pretty vile posts on the petition site.

As always, Mark over at the View from 111 has a must read column on "Follow the Money" describing the Phoenix situation in a way that only a professional money man could do. This is a must read for those trying to make sense of the situation.

Around the League...

I don't usually do cute (dani3boyz really seemed amused by that revelation), but this picture from @kicksavetwenty showed up on my Tweetdeck today and it is great. I love seeing kids being hockey fans.

My boys, Fisher and Jackson were 5 and 3 when hockey came to Nashville and we have a lot of pics like this from their younger years. I actually have pictures of them outside the arena from every opening and closing day game since year one of the franchise. I may have to make a post with all of them one day.

More on Craig Leipold's efforts of hiring a GM is served up here on MVN.

Jim Balsillie isn't the only one wanting a franchise as the owner of the KHL Alexander Medvedev is claiming the NHL hasn't been to friendly to his wanting a team.

The NHLPA's head, Paul Kelly met with IIHF officials at the World Championships and has part one of an interesting interview on the IIHF site. This is a must read for folks interested in the future of international competition.

I would give it the usual more later, but it is already much later, so we'll say more tomorrow.

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