Sunday, May 3, 2009

Monday Means POTG radio

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Good Monday morning all. Tonight on PredsOnTheGlass Radio we will have Richard Loat of Canucks Hockey Blog (also known as Mozy19 on Twitter) to discuss the Vancouver Chicago series and Canucks hockey in general. I'm sure Jackson will have plenty of questions about his favorite player, Alexander Burrows. I have now lined up friend of POTG, Sarah Connors from Boston to give her take on the Boston-Carolina series. She has a new blog at For Pucks Sake that is top notch. We will lead off with Ryan from the RLD for his playoff update. Join us at 7:00 Central. You never know who else may show up.

Sunday afternoon's game between the Detroit Red Wings and Anaheim Ducks was the game of the playoffs so far. After going back in forth in regulation, the two teams were scoreless for 41:15 in overtime. Jonas Hiller was outstanding stopping 59 of 62 and all 29 shots in overtime. Any doubts about his ability under pressure should be erased after this performance.

As much as I have complained about NBC, kudos to them for hanging in there for all three overtime periods. Does anyone know how far they were willing to go?

The evening game between Boston and Carolina wasn't near as compelling. This was may first extended look in this series and in spite of cam Ward's stellar shout out performance, stopping all 36 shots, it was not a particularly exciting game.

Boston seemed to be going through the motions (rather poorly at that) and Carolina seemed to really want it more. The most exciting point of the game was watching the numerous replays st the end of the second period of a no goal ruling by the "situation room" in Toronto. One replay on TSN when the puck was vertical appeared to be past the line but the term "inconclusive" was probably correct because other angles were not as clear. Puck Daddy has a good story and video on this.

It's interesting that all three undefeated teams went down in game two on their own home ice. That really opens up all three series, making game three an important time to reclaim the home ice advantage.

With only one game tonight, all eyes will be back on Washington and Pittsburgh. I have a feeling that the home team may lose game two in this one too. Ryan at the RLD has a great preview. The Caps have recalled a couple of D-men from Hershey.

In Predator News...

In the World Championships, Dan Hamhuis scored the GWG in Canada's 5-1 win over Norway on Sunday. If the Team USA stumbles today against the home standing Switzerland team, they may not make the quarterfinals. Undefeated Canada also plays the once beaten Finland (Pekka Rinne) team today, too. The quarterfinal rounds begin Wednesday.

Forechecker is back home and has a great article by a guest blogger on Chet Pickard.

John Glennon has a story about Tennessee native Blake Geoffrion returning to Wisconsin for his senior year. He made a big splash year before last on the USA Junior team but had a rather quiet Junior year in college. With Milwaukee having several players on the verge of moving to Nashville, this is probably a good plan for Geoffrion.

From Canada, it appears Burlington is now wanting an NHL team as the second Toronto areas team. It is really irritating to see Nashville's name in every article written about relocation.

Around the NHL...

NHL Foundation Player Award for work with charities was the final award to be announced by the NHL leading up to the Award show on June 18. The top three were Dustin Brown, Alex Kovalev, and Rick Nash.

Sad rumor that Marcus Naslund is considering retirement. Our guest Richard on POTG will have a lot to say about this based on his recent article.

Sad news that Ryan Salmons, the critically ill teen who received a contract with the Columbus Blue Jackets, passed away on Friday. His funeral will be on Tuesday. His entire story can be found at Ryan's Fight - Refuse to Lose.

Non Hockey Topics...

You may have noticed that I now have a link to the CDC site on the H1N1 (don't call me swine flu) virus. I am toatlly disgusted by the MSM hype and would encourage evryone not to drink the kool-aid and stick to accurate information and not all the media spectacle that is being generated. One person that I personally know and trust on the subject is NASA's Dennis Chamberland who places trustworthy information and explanations on his site. As much as you hear about someone being a "rocket scientist", this guy really is one.

Mashable has in interesting article about the Algorithm that predicted the H1N1 virus.

Tony Hawk tweeted a picture from the Sedona skate park this morning. This is a really neat place that Jackson and Fisher had a blast at a couple of years ago.

More later...

Buddy Oakes for PredsOnTheGlass


More on the Charles Wang sorry he bought the team remark.

News Headline from XM204 - Naslund officially retires.

Versus game preview for tonight with friend Brian Metzer for the Pens

World Championship update - USA falls to Switzerland in OT 4-3 and Pekka survived a 7 or 8 round shootout to beat Canada 4-3. Finland will now play the USA in the quarterfinals. Chris at The Program found the final standings that I couldn't find.

From Stu Hackel at the NYT - Discussion on the possible death of multi OT games in the playoffs.

From Japers Rink - the value of short shifts.


Anonymous said...

I don't care what BS the "Snore Room" tries to toss out as an excuse as a reason to disallow it, that was a legitimate goal. If Dan O'Halloran can get his butt in position to see the puck and the net, and not make a call until well after the puck has been swept out, this isn't even a discussion. His call on the ice was a joke, he never saw the puck period, he made a knee jerk I don't think it went in decision. No way he was able to see anything.

Matt Reitz said...

Great write-up on everything that happened yesterday. All I have to say about the Det/Ana game is: thank God for TiVo! Even with skipping all of the commericals, it still took up a good portion of my night! The Carolina/Boston game, not so much!

I have to agree with the previous comment: I thought the LaRose shot was a goal. There were two angles that showed it pretty conclusively.... Puck Daddy has a great write-up about the whole thing.

Glad to see you're Preds are having a strong showing in the World Championships. Is it too late to add Rinne to the Calder finalists?? ;-)