Sunday, September 27, 2009

I Like It, I love It, Do You Want More Of It?

During Saturday Night's game, at 14:19 in the first period, J. P. Dumont took a feed from Patric Hornqvist and shoved it past Carolina goalie Michael Leighton. The horn sounded, lights flashed and the goal song ensued.

What was different was that for the first time in years it was not the Predator's version of Tim McGraw's "I like It, I Love It."

The crowd was taken aback as Penny Wise's "Bro Hymn" roared throughout the Sommet Center before segueing into Gary Glitter's "Rock and Roll, Part 2."

The @predfans Twitter group went crazy. Everyone had an opinion, most very strong. Some thought that a tradition had been broken, while others rejoiced that Nashville might shed it's "hill-billish" image as Chris Chelios described it in the past.

Word from @NHLPredsInsider to @codeyh at Section 303 is that it was a one time thing and that McGraw will return. Now that the idea has arisen, let's take a poll to see what you want.

Here is your chance to vote your opinion. On the right of this page you can choose from Penny Wise, Tim McGraw or Other for the Pred's goal song. If you have a suggestion for other, feel free to comment below. Also if you feel strongly for either McGraw or the Bro Hymn, jump into the discussion too.

We will run it for a week and pass results and comments on to the Predator's game operations staff. Let the Pred fans speak out or forever hold your peace.

Thanks for voting and your comments. Here are the two songs for comparison. For reference sake, the first video is the Anaheim version of the Penny Wise Goal Song and the second is actual arena sounds from a Pred fan.

More Later...

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Anonymous said...

The pennywise song is really lame. I'd be alright with a newer, upbeat country song because Tim McGraw gets old at times....but it's clearly better than Pennywise.

Anonymous said...

I just glad they tried something different. I do get a little tired of the same thing goal in & goal out.

Jeremy said...

Im not a country fan but I like the McGraw better simply bcause it is more "Nashvile" and I like anything that seperates us and makes us unique, even more so because I know we drive Canada absolutely crazy.

Maybe an updated song from a Nashville local country group. Something from Small Town Rock Stars or something.

Jennifer said...

I like "Hey Man, Nice Shot" by Filter. If I have to choose between McGraw & Pennywise, keep McGraw. It kind of is a tradition, and I know we were all wondering what the????

George said...

Squeaky wheels get the grease, and it baffles me that corporate entities are always trying to second-guess what's working. Like, did they focus-group the Pennywise song before rolling it out? In any case, better they ran it during preseason than, say, opening night.

hockeybuddha said...

I feel the McGraw song fits Nashville better but I would also like to see some other local talent.

Dan said...

Hey man nice shot would be good. Another song from a local group would be nice.

But if we don't change it, I'm ok with that. We're the hockey version of counter-culture (us and Carolina). Country music is part of it.

Anonymous said...

Nashville is Music City, not country music city... The McGraw sequence is great but we need to RAWK too! Why not a few goal tunes that rotate?