Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday Update and POTG Podcast

Last night's POTG Podcast was one for the record books. Not only was the full version an hour and fifty minutes long, it included several rants about ice girl's bottoms, cheerleaders, and pom poms and a wide range of other topics including In and Out Burgers Animal Style.

In all fairness, it was a show that had a serious side and a fun side to it. Nick Giglia from Let There Be Light(house) brought us up to speed on today's Lighthouse rezoning hearing and the importance of folks showing up for one of the two sessions. One runs from 9-5 and another from 6-9 at the Adams Playhouse at Hofstra University.

If you are unable to attend, follow Nick on Twitter at @LetThereBeLH. Also call News12 on the Island at 516-393-1800 to show your support.

Once we got through the serious stuff it was a no holds barred discussion with the @PsychoPuckLady herself, Katrina Cady. Katrina is the self described Carmen Sandiego of Hockey who tells of her exploits at Psycho Lady Hockey. During the show Katrina answered all those questions that beg for answers after reading her blogs. If you like her blog, you nead to hear her live in her first radio appearance.

Michelle Kenneth also joined in for a fun four way discussion, especially in the non-live last 50 minutes of the show. Things were much looser and everyone was more comfortable by that point. If you listened live, you missed the more interesting part of the show so head for the podcast and hear it all.

In Pred Nation...

Monday was a big day for the Predators as they signed veteran defenseman Francis (Cube) Bouillon. After seeing two of the three exhibition games, it was obvious that they would be talking a big risk without another experienced D-Man to start the season. My first choice would have been Chris Chelios but the more I hear about the Cube, the more I think it was a great pick-up.

Sully liked it too as he tweeted @Sully26: "Really happy with our new addition. A solid veteran to accompany our top 3."

Forechecker, Section 303, AJ and John Glennon all had commentary on the Bouillon acquisition. Forechecker's analysis was as deep as ever. You really need to check it out.

Monday's camp session had a lot of folks on the sidelines recovering from injury. Jeremy at Section303 has been faithful to make almost every session and has a great write up. John Glennon also has coverage at Inside Predators. Jena Smith has a her take at Preds.com.

John Glennon has another post with insight from Jason Arnott on David Poile's style in molding the team. This is a really good angle on the Kessel non-deal. John's two new posts at the Tennessean this morning are mostly rehashes of his blog posts on Bouillon and injuries but there is a new note about Dan Ellis here.

Darren Eliot at Sports Illustrated was at the Preds game on Saturday and witnessed the Sestito-Tootoo match and has a post about explaining fighting to peewee aged players. This is the third SI article about the Preds in the last few days. Maybe we are becoming less "non-traditional."

An update on Sestito's injury came from a tweet @tomba19: "Tom Sestito says he feels OK, but received 10 staples in the back of head to close wound from fall to ice on Saturday" This is horrible but Jackson saw this NHL09 clip where Sestito gets taken out in AHL play.

David Boclair has a post at the City Paper about the Pred's top line and how Sully is the key to their productivity.

Guess which Predator ends up on the Hockey Writer's Top 20 Enigma list. It should be a gimme.

Around the NHL...

In the news section on today's Lighthouse zoning hearing , here is Nick Giglia's post on the importance of today's hearing for the Lighthouse project. B.D. Gallof comments on the hearing and has high praise for POTG. Thanks B.D. If you haven't checked out B.D.'s Hockey Independent, you need to.

It's never going to end in Phoenix. Judge Baum has called yet another hearing for tomorrow to discuss if mediation is a possibility for Moyes and the NHL to lessen their differences.

Dmitry Chesnokov has an interesting conversation with Geno Malkin at Puck Daddy. The Russian players appear to be ready to go to the 2014 games in Russia come hell or high water. This will be one to tackle in the next CBA.

Word is that Wayne Gretzky will be paid up until October 1 but still is not involved on the ice. This ownership situation has resulted in a really awkward situation for one of the greatest players of all time. Mirtle also comments.

Pierre LeBrun has ten things he wants to see in the coming season. Also at ESPN you can vote for this year's awards before the season starts.

Puck The Media has the lowdown on who will be hosting NHL Live when it returns next Monday. I'm looking forward to the show's return. I like Rob Simpson, who will be a rotating host, and enjoyed talking to him in Vegas at the Award show.

Jay Feaster writes about the Dany Heatly trade and thinks Brian Murray made out like a bandit.

New Hockey Media is a new site that hopes to promote independent hockey bloggers. Go to their site and give then a little info if you are a non-affiliated site and they may highlight your efforts.

I woke up this morning and listened to Tapeleg's The Rink Podcast, Episode 46, from Alaska this time. Great discussion on all thing hockey. There is also a picture of Milwaukee's new Milwaukee jersey at the link.

Chris Nadeau has a post about what makes an effective video. Good stuff from the brothers.

Finally, Fanhouse has an interesting post about Nikita Filatov and his transition last year learning to live in the US. He still doesn't drive.

More Later...

Buddy Oakes for PredsOnTheGlass


AJ in Nashville said...

Whew! I'm tired just from reading this! Amazing recap as always, Buddy! Thanks!

PredsOnTheGlass said...

Thanks AJ

Tapeleg said...

Glad you enjoyed the podcast. Alaska makes everything more interesting, even podcasting. Did you hear the plane fling overhead? That is thanks to the small airport less than a mile away from where I live.

You may also be interested in www.podcastunite.com It's kind of like an open facebook wall for podcasters to talk about podcasting. See if you like it.