Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday Update and POTG Podccast

We would like to thank Ryan from the RedLightDistrict for joining us for our Nashville Predator and Western Conference preview edition of POTG Radio last night. We gave a good shot at covering the Preds as well as each team individually.

It has been a few weeks since we tackled the Eastern Conference but now out trip through all 30 teams is complete.

Ryan has published one of the best preseason preview magazines that I have seen. He will be happy to send a copy to you in PDF form if you email the request to RLDHockey@gmail.com.

I realized after we were done that we forgot to give away two tickets to the Preds-San Jose game in November during the show. Maybe we will run a blog contest instead. Any suggestions on how to conduct a ticket contest?

The Predators are now down to 28 players in camp and now have less than two days to get to 23 or fewer players. The only official announcement on Monday was Nick Spaling being sent to Milwaukee. Admiral's Short Shifts confirmed that Nolan Yonkman was also being passed through waivers with the intent of going to Milwaukee.

After yesterday's day off, the Predators return to the ice this morning at 10 a.m. at Centennial for practice. Once the health of injured players is evaluated, more cuts could come today.

There was a lot of Twittering about the Pred's new commercial on Monday. The consensus was that it wasn't enough hockey for the true fan. That's not the point of this one. The campaign appears to be driven to the casual fan or someone who has never to a game who is looking for a night out on Lower Broad. Hopefully, many of these types of folks will find 501 Broad this season. One game is all it takes for folks to get hooked. The hockey purists need to cut a little slack on the ad as it may be the means to an end.

In Pred Nation...

John Glennon looks at what the Pred's opening night roster will look like. I agree with his assessment. The two games over the weekend did little to alter my roster shakedown thoughts from last Saturday. John also has a post on Jordin Tootoo needing to expand his arsenal.

Mark of the View From 111 has his preseason thoughts at Hockey Independent. That was complicated to get out.

AJ continues onward with great stuff at Pull My Fang Finger. If you haven't added him to your reading list, you need to do so.

Section 303 asked if we should consider Peter Forsberg again? Later in the day a rumor of a stress fracture in his foot was making the rumor circuit. Imagine that!

Justin Goldman at Dobber Hockey has a look at a few tenders, including Dan Ellis, that played well in the pre-season. He also has a link to an earlier story at the Goalie Guild where he projects Ellis as having a rebound season.

Melt Your Face Off has a great Preds Preview, Chris Hansen style. They even give a link to POTG, Forechecker and Section 303.

Jim Diamond takes a look at the just released College Rankings and a few Preds prospects that are playing for the nationally ranked college teams this year.

Big Kev has a new look to his blog and hits on a couple of points this morning.

Around the NHL...

The NHL is now asking DirectTV subscribers to complain to DirectTV about dropping Versus. This seems a little late to start pushing at the last minute. Why didn't somebody think of this in August?

Very little news from yesterday's NHLPA player's conference call. This morning TSN's @DarrenDreger Tweets "NHLPA conference call lasted 2.5 hours last night. nothing contentious. the next one, on the 4th will deal with Kelly's contract. ".

Kevin Allan and the rest of the USA Today staff have their Award and Division predictions this morning. John Glennon is included and says that the Coyotes will end up in Hamilton.

Our friend Michelle Kenneth rounds up what's happening in the Devil's world at her blog and has another post at Inside Hockey.

It's Tuesday and Psycho Lady Hockey is back with another top ten. Classic as always.

From @NHL: "NHL.com this week will stream Victoria Cup and other exhibition games from Europe for free."

A short retirement for Bret Hedican as he Tweets @hedicanbret: "Was hired by Comcast Sportsnet to do the Sharks Pre/Post game! Thought I could get out of the game for a while, guess I was wrong! Shd bfun!" Further he said, "A close friend commented on my "face for Radio" after 17 years in the show! Sorry Shark fans, better get use to by crooked nose and scars!"

Kevin Weekes was on XM 204 HTM yesterday. Here's a replay. This morning, the HTM crew predicts the NHL Awards for this year.

From the @NHL: "BREAKING NEWS: #NYR players will read the Top 10 on Wednesday's edition of The Late Show with David Letterman."

I listened to our friend Travis Hair from Five for Howling on a podcast that I'd never listened to before and really enjoyed it. Check out HockeeNight Puckcast on TalkShoe.

So how does an NHL team lose to a European team? Ask the Florida Panthers who lost to Tappara in Finland. The Blackhawks fared better beating HC Davos 9-2.

Finally, from Fast Company comes extensive research about Twitter Re-Tweets. This would be interesting to anyone who Tweets regularly.

More Later...

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