Thursday, September 10, 2009

Showdown in the Desert and Thursday Notes

The two-day court marathon between Gary Bettman and Jim Ballsillie starts today in Phoenix and here is the official schedule of events from the official US Bankruptcy Court web site. Things are expected top kick off at 10:30 Central and run to 8:00 tonight.

Several regular Tweeters from the Phoenix hearings will probably bring the play by play including @TheYotesDiva @HKYFN @davidshoalts @kmcgran @Spec44 @trippmickle @brahmresnik.

Another great resource is @reporterchris of the Canadian Press who flew in to Phoenix yesterday with extra batteries for his Blackberry. Chris also added @reporterchris: "Jim Balsillie, Gary Bettman each to take stand for questioning on Friday, according to court agenda." Chris also has a longer CP story at TSN.

The Toronto Star reports that Ice Edge is not in the final two but may rise again later as a player.

If anyone wants a recap of how things have deteriorated in the last few months in Phoenix, the Globe has a visual chronology of events leading up to this week's court date.

Mirtle points to the relocation of Colorado to New Jersey in 1982 and how the NHL dealt with relocation fees at the time. The relo fees were well above the cost of the franchise at that time.

Before we move on, if you haven't seen the SB Nation Home Page makeover go here now. It is really impressive. Here's the hockey home page too.

In Pred Nation...

The Pred rookies made it through the first day of camp yesterday and took a pretty good beating during their conditioning tests according to this John Glennon blog. John also is keeping the pot stirred on another pick-up for the Preds. This morning, Glennon has a piece on the confidence that Jonathan Blum has in making the final team out of camp.

David Boclair fron the City Paper also has a few items on yesterday's conditioning tests at camp.

Details were released yesterday for the PredFest 09 scheduled for next week on September 17-19. Next Thursday's game will be a freebie for those wanting to attend. The highlight of the event will be the official unveiling of the Predators new third jersey before Thursday night's game.

Forechecker continues with his series on Pred's Bloggers with Section 303's Codey Holland.

Mark from The View from 111 gave an update on the money raised at last week's Brent Peterson's fundraiser for Parkinson's research.

The Preds have a couple of prospects who currently play for Notre Dame. Jim Diamond looks at a couple of more ex-Irish players that are at the Pred's rookie camp trying to get the Pred's attention.

Potential Predator old guy Chris Chelios may end up with the Chicago Wolves. Surely his experience would be worth more than an AHL contract to the Preds. It's time to bring him in to camp for a look.

Around the NHL...

I'm sure that a few folks were startled to see Alexander Ovechkin driving a Zamboni through downtown Manhattan.

Michelle Kenneth covered the action at the NHL store where Ovie was appearing and actually won a copy of 2k10 with Ovie on the cover. Before going to the store, she wrote an interesting comparison between George Bush and Paul Kelly. It is worth a read. Michelle also had pictures of Chris Pronger and Tim Thomas at the NHL store.

Our friend Tim Rosenthal has a two-part interview with 2K10 developer Ben Bishop at Inside Hockey. Both 2K10 and EA's NHL 10 will be released next Tuesday.

The whole event in New York was a part of the NHLPA/NHL's combined efforts to promote hockey with seventeen players doing promos in various places for more that 18 media outlets as reported by the Sports Business Daily.

Since we brought up the NHLPA, Ian Penny spoke with ESPN's Scott Burnside about the recent Paul Kelly firing and the fallout from it. The Toronto Star has more news this morning and drops a few names as to who led the charge against Kelly.

Matt at View From My Seats has several interesting comparisons between your cubicle at work and an NHL locker room.

Not that anyone asked but, Dominik Hasek has made a return to the ice with his hometown Pardubice team. The debut was televised on Czech national TV. Hasek actually lost the game 2-1 in a shootout. There is also a listing at the link of the opening days of all the European leagues.

The Hockey Writers did a post on the Top 10 hitters in the NHL and did not include Jordin Tootoo. Whether you like the guy or not, he does hit with the best of them.

More Later...

Buddy Oakes for PredsOnTheGlass


From Five for Howling comes today's courtroom primer and a drinking game for those playing at home.

From the Real Yotes Diva comes a link to a new parody site for Jim Ballsillie.

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jcdulaney said...

great post....I cannot wait for the season to start.

the events in the desert are going to be very very much as I do not like Jim, I am beginning to wonder if he is the only answer in terms of viable ownership down there. There really has not been any solid buyers like we had here for the Yotes...I hate it for them but someone has got to step up and fix it in Phoenix.