Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Means POTG Radio and More

We are very excited for this week's POTG Radio show as we have been trying to schedule Katrina Cady, the Psycho Puck Lady, for some time. If you aren't familiar with her very interesting writings, you need to immediately go to Psycho Lady Hockey and check it out.

Katrina writes about hockey in a way few others do. She lives in the hockey mecca of Toronto and describes herself as the Carmen Sandiego of the National Hockey league.

Her tag line on her site says "Hockey is my husband. My sanity is questionable and my car is unstable. All season long I risk life and limb to feed my insatiable craving for more puck. My name is Katrina and I am a hockey addict. (It's a REAL disease!) I have been almost everywhere and seen almost everything. This is my story."

That says a lot about about her love for the game (and the games surrounding the games). This is one guest that you will not want to miss.

We also will have a serious part of the show as we will again have Nick Giglia from Let There Be Light(house) to give us an update on the Lighthouse Project zoning hearing set for Tuesday morning. Time is running short before the October 3 deadline when the Islanders may begin to look at other options for their future.

I certainly hope that Nick doesn't get a complex for all the warm fuzzies I gave Katrina in her preview while his preview was very sterile and business-like. I don't think he will care because I think he is looking as forward to Katrina's visit as much as I am.

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In Pred Nation...

It is only the pre-season but, after Saturday's come from behind 3-2 victory over the rival Blue Jacket's, the Predators find themselves in the surprising position of winning three games in three nights. Only Vancouver has a better record than the Preds at 4-0.

Saturday's game got a lot of national press, not for the impressive come back win, but instead for the fight between Jordin Tootoo and Tom Sestito that ended with a very scary fall where Sestito hit the back of his helmetless head.

Had the incident involved any Nashville player other than Tootoo, it would not have received as much attention, but as hard as it to believe, Jordin is not well liked outside the boundaries of Pred Nation. Here is an update from Columbus on Sestito's condition.

There was an abundance of excellent coverage from Saturday's games. POTG had a record four posts which was cheating a little since Jackson took Codey Holland's idea and ran with it for a humorous Taylor Swift post. We did have three legitimate stories.

Jeremy from Section303 had his first evening as an official credentialed press guy and was having a blast as he compiled this post. Brandon Felder from Hockey Buzz was showing hin the ropes and submitted his usual great story on the game.

Other Columbus Game wrap ups came from What The Puck, Forechecker, Jim Diamond, and John Glennon.

In spite of what Barry Trotz said after the game Saturday night, the Preds did reassign 10 players to Milwaukee for the opening of their camp this week. I'm now assuming that when he said the next rounds of cuts would be after Thursday's Fort Campbell team building day that he had already mentally moved past Sunday's cuts and was thinking about the third cut.

Based on this City Paper story, it also looks as if Mark Dekanich will be headed out sooner than later also. Barry Trotz seems to be enjoying having two established goalies in camp for the first time in three years.

We would like to welcome our friend AJ in Nashville to the burgeoning Predator blogging community. I knew that AJ was going to do this but I wasn't sure when but he has now taken the plunge with Pull My (Fang) Finger. AJ is a good writer and has done well at his other blog. Check it out where he has a great humor piece on Jim Ballsillie and then another post on Sunday about the Columbus game. Today, AJ goes into the Eye of the Tiger.

Admiral's Short Shifts has a good roundup of the weekend activities including a checklist of cuts and survivors from the Preds camp.

Here is a post that I did at Inside Hockey on Eli Gold's new book "Peanuts to the Pressbox" that will find it's way to this space later this week.

The recent Twitter controversy about the 2009-10 slogan should be cleared up with the picture that was posted of the Preds training room door. "All In" is definitely the word.

Nothing further has come out on Steve Sullivan's groin pull but I would expect to see an update from John Glennon at Inside Predators or Jeremy Gover at Section303 as both are at camp this morning.

Around the NHL...

Defending Big D has a great preview of what type of team the Preds will face in Dallas on Opening night. We're less than two weeks away from hockey that counts, so it's time to start looking at the real schedule.

Ryan at the Red Light District has an early look at potential Calder Trophy candidates for this season. Where would you rank Colin Wilson on the list?

Our friend Tin Rosenthal has a post at Rosie's Hockey about "Gary Bettman's" new Twitter account.

The Minnesota Star Tribune has a Q and A with Greg Zanon along with a great picture from last year's the disco ball.

Illegal Curve pointed us to a couple of stories about Phil Kessel's unhappiness in Boston. One is Peter Chiarelli's take and the other from the view of Claude Julien. Here's a video of Phil Kessel's presser when introduced by Brian Burke. Hopefully, this is the last we hear of the Kessel saga for a while.

Finally, Matt at View from My Seats has guidelines on how to pick your Mistress Team.

More Later...

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