Saturday, September 19, 2009

Thoughts on tonights 3-2 comeback win over Columbus

With tonight's win over Columbus, the Predators continue on into the preseason undefeated.

I'm not going to give a full run down of the game tonight, just going to throw out a few of my thoughts on some things.

Ryan Jones! It seemed to me tonight that he is really getting accustomed used to playing on this level.

From breaking up numerous plays, to scoring his first goal of the preseason, Jonesy is really coming around as a good two way player.

Jon Blum...I am seemingly disappointed in Blum's performance this preseason.

I was expecting big things from him this year, but he's just been kind of..there, I guess is the only way really to describe it.

I wasn't planning on saying to much about him until tonight when he basically gave Columbus their second goal. Pekka thought he had gloved the puck down, but apparently not, so what does Blum do as the puck lays untouched in front of Peks? He skates right by, la de da, GOAL! I just hope he turns things around in the remaining games.

I feel that might've been a bit harsh, but meh, that's my opinion.

Nick Spaling... was another rookie that I was impressed with tonight.

He really seemed to be holding his own out there and making all he could of the opportunities given to him.

He was out there a few times on the same line with Arnott and Dumont while Sully was out of the game and did really well, but then again, as Paul Nicholson said, anybody would look good out there on that line. But even on his normal line, he really seemed to shine.

Though it may not seem that way on paper, you could definitely tell when he was out there.

TOOTOO! (in the high pitched voice that people use when they don't have a Tootoo Whistle)

Tonight was definitely Toots' night. He was all over the ice tonight, snapping necks and cashing checks.

Of course the big story is his fight with the 6'5", 210 Sestito. And of course, how he dominated him.

I do feel guilty, though, about writing about how badly Tootoo embarrassed him because of the scary ending to the fight. If you didn't get a chance to see it, the paps should have it up soon.

Nevertheless, it was one of the best fights I've seen Tootoo in, ever.

But the fight wasn't the only reason why I was so pleased with him tonight.

He really proved to be helpful, not just in the domain of being a pest tonight. He tallied an assist, broke up a few plays, and was even out there on the power play (say what?!).

Hopefully we'll see more of this new Tootoo this season.

Pekka Rinne...So far this preseason, Pekka has been the only goaltender on our team to let in a goal.

But then again, it's only preseason...right?

In closing...The Preds looked sharp out there tonight and have got me really excited for the coming season.

So with that, I leave you. Good night and good hockey.

Jackson Oakes for Preds On the Glass

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