Wednesday, July 13, 2011

POTG "Skate of the Union" Wednesday Headlines, News and Links

Today's "Skate of the Union" activities at the Bridgestone Arena, that will culminate in the keynote address at 6 p.m. draws a line in the dirt from looking back at the past year and gazing forward at the 2011-2012 season.

This is the last scheduled official event until the Predators' Rookie Camp kicks off in 61 days on September 12 at the Centennial Sportsplex.

It is a time to look back and access last season's accomplishments (and pick up a few cast off bargains from the garage sale) and then move on to hear the Predator's brass give their view of what they are planning to accomplish in the future (which will include bringing the Stanley Cup to town for a victory parade down lower Broad).

This is the third annual event and if you have never been here are the videos for year one and last year to give you an idea of what to expect.

We do know that the Predators new gold home sweaters will be introduced but will there be a "July surprise" with a player in attendance or  a special re-signing announcement. There is only one way to find out first hand and that is to show up and be counted.

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In Pred Nation...

Paul McCann is apprehensive about the August 2 "deadline" on Shea Weber's arbitration. Paul will also be MCing part of the festivities at today's SOTU.

Dirk Hoag's PM notes from yesterday has Alex Radulov in a music video with his hot GF. No wonder he doesn't want to come back.

Mike Fisher is one Predator that probably will not be at the SOTU tonight as he is being honored at a reception in Ottawa for all his great charitable work while he was with the Senators.

Ex-Pred Joel Ward is wearing the "hat" in a post at On Frozen Blog. He also gets national pub at Puck Daddy with a video and everything now that his is in Washington. Here is the video of his presser.

Around the NHL...

Kevin McGran gives the NHL three choices on re-alignment after next season. This is interesting stuff.

Adrian Dater catches up Brian Burke and gets the story on his patience during the recent free agent frenzy.

Beer makes the NHL headlines as Molson/Coors wins the right to spend the big bucks as the leading beer sponsor over the next seven years.

The Oilers traded Andrew Cogliano to the Anaheim Ducks for a second round draft pick on Tuesday and David Staples was not thrilled. Cogliano, himself, sounded real happy on NHL Home Ice when he guested with Scott Laughlin on Tuesday.

Ken Campbell analyzes the dynamics that has led to Steven Stamkos being offer sheet free almost two weeks into free agency.

Ryan Porth has the updated list of Restricted Free Agents and ponders if Edmonton will be able to follow the Pittsburgh and Chicago model.

Defending Big D has a nice feature on the return of Sheldon Souray who has returned to the NHL with the Stars after a horrible experience with the Oilers.

Danielle at Straight Jackets puts up a stats comparison (based on offense) that makes the James Wisniewski deal look more palatable than I had previously realized.

Jonathan Cheechoo is the latest signing in St. Louis. He'll be making near the minimum on a two-way deal and comes with minimum expectations.

We would like to thank Puck Central for the update to their list of folks to follow on Twitter. It is a pretty good start for a hockey fan just joining.

Odds and Ends...

Google + is spreading like wildfire. Here are ten tips since everyone is a newbie. If anyone wants an invite, let me know.

Netflix is playing the part of consumer advocate in blocking attempts to cap data by some Internet providers. After this goodwill note, they got folks in an uproar with a change in pricing structure. I personally don't want a physical DVD that he daughter can lose.

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