Thursday, July 28, 2011

POTG Thursday West Coast Edition: Headlines, News and Links

This morning we are checking in from the beautiful La Quinta in Hayward, California as we are getting ready to head east and spend the day in Yosemite National Park.

In a non hockey note, the game between the Braves and Pirates that ended with a bad call as I slept on Tuesday night, set a record for the longest game but was not the latest ending game in Atlanta. On July 4, 1985 I was at the Braves-Mets game at the old Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium that had multiple rain delays and did not end until about 4:00 AM.

The game had tons of scoring and twists and turns including the unlikely home run in the bottom of the 18th inning by one of the worst hitters in baseball, relief pitcher Rick Camp, to send the game into the 19th when the Mets scored three runs to win 16-13.

At the end of the game they proceeded with the fireworks drawing complaints from the neighborhood. I was one of about 5000 fans left from the originally sold out game. They had been holding a MARTA train all night for when the game was over but it did not matter as the morning trains were ready to roll. It was an experience that I'll never forget.

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In Pred Nation...

Josh Cooper spoke with David Poile and the status remains quo in the Shea Weber negotiations. It will probably get dome Tuesday morning.

Paul McCann has been busy but checks in with a roundup of thoughts.

Ryan Shannon wants the Preds to try to pick up Zach Parise if the arbitration is not to the Devils liking. I don't think that is in the budget this year.

WacKY Hockey puts a premium on Shea Weber's beard as a point of negotiations in getting a contract done.

Around the NHL...

The perfect record stayed intact yesterday with no one going to arbitration as Ryan Callahan inked a three year deal before the hearing.

RLD Hockey has the offseason grades for the Northwest Division.

Mike Richards is still downplaying all the "Dry Island" talk. Imagine that!

Our friend Brian Metzer has joined the legion at Kukla's Korner. Congrats to Brian and Kukla's!

The Hockey Wife ponders her underwear situation as she prepares to move to Germany.

Michelle Kenneth also talks about hockey wives in a more general nature.

Mike Richards continues to play down the "Dry Island" story as he is happy to be in LA. Maybe a duet with Randy Newman would sell the story better.

In case you were making plans, the Coyotes and Canucks swapped February home games.

No news is still no news in Phoenix as far as the Coyotes ownership situation is concerned.

According to Ray Emery's agent J.P. Barry, the unsigned netminder is set to go to the Blackhawks camp on a tryout basis.

The Hockey Writers has all the members of the 500 goal club and a paragraph about each.

One player that stood out at the Entry Draft due to his size was Rocco Grimaldi. The Panthers are finding him to be an inspiration.

Ms Conduct has done serious Twitter research to compare baseball and hockey players.

Pension Plan Puppets has a cool map showing the geographic relationship of NHL teams and their AHL affiliates. Being an ex geography graduate student, I love this stuff.

Kansas City has taken another hit in their alleged interest in obtaining an NHL team. AEG appears to have moved on to bigger plans. Other than having an arena there, there is no compelling reason for a team to be there as there  is little interest in hockey and no one interested in owning a team.

Odds and Ends...

Google+ users that want to import their FaceBook and Twitter feeds can do so on Google Chrome now and Firefox soon by going to Start Google Plus.

There is potential for wireless internet up to 60 miles from the transmitter to serve rural areas.

This is a topic that I am an expert on. Having a teen driver can drive your auto insurance through the roof.

For the rich and famous, you can have your car detailed for $16,000.

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