Tuesday, July 19, 2011

POTG Tuesday Headlines, News, and Links

Today, before we get to all the news and links, the Nashville Predators have a new History Will Be Made Video highlighting "History Rocks" on the Bridgestone Band-stage.

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Programming Note...

Today at noon CDT, Ryan Porth's RLD Hockey Talk will feature Craig Custance from The Sporting News taking a look at all the offseason moves and what it means for the coming season. Craig is always a great guest and should also have some insight into the Chris Osgood presser to be held this morning. Be sure and join us for what promises to be a fun show.

In Pred Nation...

Jay Levin has the breakdown of the young forwards that participated in the Preds' Development Camp.This was written before Craig Smith decided to make the move to the pro ranks.

Dirk Hoag questions a couple of statements that David Poile had at the SOTU last week. He also asks writers to take a few days off as opposed to going off their gourds. I agree

Ice the Office is a hockey site that takes a look at the business side of the game and they are coming to Nashville.

Josh Cooper is back from vacation with a case of the summertime blues.

Paul McCann takes issue with a Globe and Mail story and comments on the happenings of the last few days.

Jas Faulkner has the details of the Predators' efforts to join the NHL's Million PALA Challenge.

The finals for the Preds dancer competition will be held Sunday, July 24 at the Hard Rock Cafe. Go here to get tickets.

Around the NHL...

The Detroit Red Wings have scheduled a conference call with Chris Osgood for today at 11 a.m. CDT. My early bet and experts projections is that Osqood returns for another season while other reports say he is done.

Writers are drooling at the chance at arbitration providing some news during the dog days. Shea Weber is a top story during arbitration. Scott Burnside also looked at the potential or arbitration news. Oh, we long for the days of Kovy and Coyotes drama.

PHT takes a look at what five years of Garth Snow has done for the islanders.

Leafs Nation as several undervalued players to watch including the Predators Nick Bergfors.

Scott Cullen has the best even strength scorers of the past season.

Kukla's Korner has a list of team Corsi ratings from the past year. There are several surprises including Anaheim deep at the bottom of the list.

Jose Theodore is hoping to nail down the starter job in Florida after a frustrating season in Minnesota.

Sarah Connors takes a look at the Bruins' Stanley Cup summer adventures.

Kurtenblog gives solace to everyone who has lost a top scoring defenseman.

Dustin Leed takes a behind the scenes look at what happens behind the scenes to get a team ready to hit the ice.

Lyle Richardson sees possible trouble on the horizon for Hockey Night in Canada on the CBC.

Mirtle has the latest updated Arbitration Schedule with hearings set to begin on Wednesday.

RLD Hockey updates the latest version of team cap space and needs. He also looks at the Lightning's breakout season as a building block to next year.

Chris Botta was on NHL Home Ice yesterday and discussed several of the points made in this look at the chance for the Islanders to prevail in the August 1 referendum in two weeks.

The Capitals have been one of the busiest teams in the offseason. Here is a recap.

Dobber Hockey looks at how the Kings have gone from having a mess in net to one of the league's best tandems.

Icethetics has had a uniform rating going on during the offseason. Part four is up now. The results should be interesting.

A couple of ex-NHLers have set up a website to give inside tips to gamblers.

It must be summer. Hockey Bay has added a dating service to their web site.

New technology by Cisco could change the stadium or arena experience of fans.

Odds and Ends...

Has Google+ made Twitter boring?

The next few days will offer the last chance to see a space shuttle in the night sky. Go here and run the applet to see if you will have a shot to see it.

The Atlas V could be the next manned space launch platform under an agreement signed yesterday.

Horrible news that he Elliston Place Soda Shop is set to close on Saturday after over 70 years in its current location on the old "Rock Block."

Pot clubs are springing up in Arizona to supply medical marijuana cardholders with their supply since the vendor structure is tied up in court.

I have a hard time seeing Detroit as a cruise ship destination but it appears that it is one.

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