Wednesday, July 27, 2011

POTG Wednesday Getaway Edition: Headlines, News and Links

Today is getaway day for a much needed vacation. Updates will be sporadic for the next few days and I feel certain that the Shea Weber situation will be resolved before I return. Thanks Shea for waiting until I am out of touch to get the deal done.

I would like to thank Conor McKenna of the Team 990 in Montreal for having me on to talk Preds yesterday and a second set of thanks for all the folks that tuned in to listen. They do a good job at 990 and talk hockey all summer long.

Make the jump for today's news and links...

In Pred Nation...

Big news yesterday in Pred-land was Craig Smith signing a two-year entry level deal. Here is the complete audio from the media conference call. Late last night, Cap Geek revealed the terms, both years are two-way contracts worth $67,500 in Milwaukee, and $690k in 2011-12 and $740K in 2012-13 in Nashville.

Ryan Porth has the most extensive article from the Smith press conference.

Josh Cooper has an analysis from Smith's college coach, Mike Eaves and the reasoning behind his decision to go pro.

 Ryan Porth an article about the clock ticking on the Shea Weber deal at The Fourth Period.

Kevin Allen has four truths about the Predators.

Jeremy Gover offers good advice to the NHL Network to spice up their offseason programming.

Dirk Hoag had an interesting poll yesterday asking who would score more goals this year, Colin Wilson or Sergei Kostitsyn?

Aaron Sims speculates on which defensemen could end up in Milwaukee this season. With the race wide open on the blue line, several have a good shot at the Preds too.

Fang Finger Fitts has his first Blog Talk Radio Show and it's not bad for the first time out of the chute. What were you doing when you were 13?

Around the NHL...

Kris Draper officially made his retirement announcement yesterday. I have always been and admirer of him as was Michael Langlois who wishes that he could have played for the Leafs.

The Aaron Boogaard story continues to be a tragic oddity. Ryan Boogaard issued a statement to Mike Russo on Tuesday in an attempt to clear Aaron's name in the death of Derek Boogaard.

RLD Hockey hands out the grades in the Northeast Division for their offseason prowess. They also profess that signing Alexei Yashin would go against the Islanders' "plan." It's good to know they have one because it isn't evident at times.

Nikolai Khabibulin has decided to man up and head to jail for 15 days to serve his DUI charge. It is hard for me to understand why he is not subject to the league/NHLPA program for such offenses. I hope the jail is better than the one that one of my co-workers is in. She is on work release but has lost 16 pounds in three weeks due to the horrible conditions.

Rumors swirled on Tuesday that next year's NHL Entry Draft could be in Pittsburgh. Philadelphia was also mentioned as a possible site.

The Predators barely make a dent in the top right winger ranking at Puck Daddy.

Copper and Blue looks at how to be an effective head of discipline in the NHL. ranks the best shooters and stoppers in the shootout.

Justin Bourne explains why being a good penalty killer is not something to be proud of.

Houses of the Hockey is still on retirement watch.

Anytime someone takes a shot at AlainVigneault I'm on board. Check this out.

The Royal Half shows why Mike Richards did not want to attend Dry Island.

Down Goes Brown has a checklist of items to be completed before the Winnipeg Jets opening night.

Odds and Ends...

In spite of negative consumer sentiment McDonalds is going to start putting apples in Happy Meals. That's about like Santa putting coal in a stocking at Christmas.

Hugh Hefner's ex-girlfriend is telling stories that is really bad for his image.

More Later...

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