Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Morning After (Dallas)...

After a night's sleep, it is a bit easier to find a few positives from last night's 6-0 loss at Dallas. I think there has to be a bottom to the Preds three game slide and hopefully they have found it.

The Colin Wilson line (Wilson, Ward, Erat) clearly established itself as the second line and was the "hungriest" of the bunch. This is a good sign for the future and should lead to better things down the road.

It may be time for a permanent breakup of the Legwand-Erat combination that has survived through several incantations of the Preds. Historically, they are either "on" or really "off". This year it has been the latter, but both looked better last night with new line mates.

There's no time four pouting or worrying about the last couple of games because the Chicago Blackhawks will be in Nashville tonight and goalie Chritobol Huet has had his own demons to fight. It will be very important for fans to show up and support the team and push them to an early first score or two to help inject some life back into the team.

Other Dallas Game views...

John Glennon outlines each area of frustration for the Preds and finds little positive to build on going forward. His notes column points to slow starts the last couple of years as reference points for this year's struggles. John also looks at the goaltenders being hung out to dry by the defense.

Here are a few other stories from, Forechecker, Brandon Felder, The View from 111, What The Puck, and the new shining star of Pred blogs See Puck City.

Drunken Gator at Nashville is Smashville questions the reassignment of Triston Grant. He is obviously looking for brownie points from me on the reassignment of "the next Joel Ward."

Shameless Self Promotion...

Matt Reitz at View From MySeats has the fourth installment of the NHL in the Social Media World and features PredsOnTheGlass. In the first three days he has had top quality, well known folks, so I'm assuming today, that he wanted an "average" person to interview to balance things out.

In Pred Nation...

Tonight's Preds game will be a celebration of Steve Sullivan's Masterton Trophy award. Here is a picture of the poster that everyone will receive at the door. The Trophy itself will also make a return to the Sommet Center.

In spite of having to listen through intense static, it was fun hearing Dirk Hoag, the Forechecker, as guest co-host on HockeyBuzz Radio last night before the game. Here is what Dirk had to say about it along with a link to the podcast.

Dirk found an article at Hockey or Die that has some interesting figures on Shooting Percentages and Save Percentages so far this season. Based on Dirk's analysis it's only a matter of time before we get over being snake bit. Last night's game obviously lowered the percentages even further.

Dan Hamhuis gets delusional in his most recent post at Inside Predators. He must be subscribing to the Barry Trotz "hockey gods" theory as the cause of Monday's loss.

Arron Sims takes a look at the Admirals connections to far Western Canada where they are headed for road games in Abbotsford.

The Admirals fared much better than the Preds last night beating Peoria 5-2 with Cal O'Reilly getting four assists and Alexander Sulzer three.

Around the NHL...

There was a lot of buzz and rumors around Long Island yesterday and last night that the Lighthouse Project had been abandoned by Charles Wang. Chris Botta says not to believe all the rumors. No one else is saying much of anything.

Sport Fan Connect has a video clip with @dani3boyz talking about NHLTweetUp. More of the interview is forthcoming. She gives Nashville plug as having over 100 at the first tweetup.

Episode 49 of the Rink Podcast is up this morning. I'm looking forward to settling in a work to give it a listen. There are Rumors of a Tweetcast for this afternoon.

Psycho Puck Lady wants a sign (literally) to lure here to your rink. Here's the whole story. Predator fans need to get busy to be creative and show her a better time on a second trip to Nashville than she had in her initial visit. does an odd article about Sean Avery and Henrik Lundqvist which includes a quote where Jimmy Fallon calls Avery "The Martha Stewart of Hockey." I'm not surprised that it was signed "NHL Staff" instead of by a person willing to put their name on it. make the Wall Street Journal with a story about verification of Twitter accounts for athletes.

Chris Botta does an interesting exercise in looking at which Islander players might get picked up on waivers if sent to the AHL. Sometimes it is surprising what other teams may think of your castoffs. Rich Perverly has been a point per game man playing on a top line in Atlanta after marginal success on the third/fourth line here.

Here's the latest from Rob Higgins XM204 fantasy guru and lead singer for Dearly Beloved.

Goalie Guild has a new hexagon grill. Interesting.

The Capitals really did it up big at their STH event.

Finally, here is a CNN piece (may be the first time I've ever linked to them) that says MySpace has become a "ghetto".

More Later...

Buddy Oakes for PredsOnTheGlass

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