Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pred's Lines by the Dollars

John Glennon confirms that yesterday's practice lines will indeed be the ones in play tonight. There are grounds for debate as to the order of lines that John posted.

Here are the lines from John's article at Inside Predators...


After a couple of Tweets with Dirk the Forechecker, as well as others, I thought of one way to quantify which line is the second and which is the third. If we use salary figures from Cap Geek to see how much each player is being paid to come up with a cost per line, we see the following figures (in millions).

Sullivan ($3.75) Arnott (4.5) Hornqvist (.713) = $8,380,000
Santorelli (.592) Legwand (4.5) Jones (.975) = $6,067,000
Ward (1.5) Wilson (1.725) Erat (4.5) = $7,725,000
Smithson (.763) Guite (.550) Belak (.650) = $1,963,000

And here's everyone else just for good measure.

Weber (4.5) Suter (3.5)
Hamhuis (2.0) Klein (.650)
Bouillon (.750) Laakso (.733)

Ellis (1.75) Rinne (.725)

Scratched: Dumont (4.0) Tootoo (.975) Goc (.550)

Not that salary equates to skill or production but it does give you an idea of relative cost of each line. If you were to divide by 82 to come of with a cost per game for each line it would look like this.

Sullivan-Arnott-Hornqvist = $102,195
Santorelli-Legwand-Jones = $73,988
Ward-Wilson-Erat = $94,207
Smithson-Guite-Belak = $23,939

Really, about the only thing to conclude from this is that putting a team on the ice on a game by game basis is an expensive endeavor. We should all thank David Freeman and the other owners for footing the per game salary figure of $547,128 so that we can have a team to follow.

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