Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits and POTG Podcast

I'm not sure what the listeners thought but last night's episode of POTG Radio was one of the more fun shows that we have done. We had Launy "The" Schwartz from Hockey54.com, "The Face of the Game" and Ryan Miller from Admiral's Short Shifts as our guests.

Launy is one of the most enthusiastic hockey guys you will ever meet and will bring a smile to you face as you listen to him talk about his new site, Hockey54.com, as well as the other wide range of topics that we covered.

Likewise, with Ryan Miller from Admiral's Short Shifts, you could feel his excitement for what is going on with all the future Predators as they start the season in Milwaukee. His in depth analysis of all the Ad's players is a must for serious Predator fans.

There was plenty of bonus coverage after the live portion of last night's POTG Radio Show as the full podcast runs longer than 90 minutes. Kick back and give it a listen.

Poll Results...

As we promised, we have the final results from last week's poll on the Predator's goal song. It is really a non-issue as the Pred's staff listened to the fans and assured everyone that Tim McGraw will reign after every Predator goal.

The whole thing got started at the last preseason game when the game operations staff played Pennywise's Bro Hymn after the two Predator goals. We ran a poll for a week and had 93 voters to chime in with their vote.

Tim McGraw got 66% of the vote, Pennywise got 20% and Other got 14%. The general consensus from comments and emails was that the McGraw song had become somewhat of a tradition that would be hard to break. A minority opinion was that it may be time for something a little different. One drawback to Bro Hymn that was mentioned was that the Ducks and Flyers were already using it.

This week's poll, located on the right, gives you a chance to express which Central Division rival that you love to hate. While you are here, cast a vote.

In Pred Nation...

There is a lot going on for Pred fans with the Meet the Team event for Season Ticket Holders tonight and the Social Media Club with several Pred bloggers and officials on Wednesday. If that isn't enough from @predsradio: "Join us at Blackstone on Wednesday night from 6-8 pm for our Preds Season kick off show!"

Jim Diamond had good news from practice on Monday that J. P. Dumont was a possible for Thursday and that Joel Ward and Colin Wilson were making progress. Jordin Tootoo's return appears further off.

John Glennon has a story about Marcel Goc and what he brings to the Predators.

Hopefully, the Preds will not be distracted by the Olympics this year. David Boclair talks about a few players thinking about playing for their national teams.

Forechecker has his annual projections for individual players this season. The Preds should be in the playoffs if his numbers are correct. Forty-five wins for the goalies would yield 95-100 points when OTLs are added in. You can also vote for your play of the week at OnTheForecheck.

Dan Hamhuis has joined John Glennon blogging at Inside Predators. Here is his first post.

It appears that another new Predators blog has been spawned. Rick Gillespie (aka Drunken Gator) appears at Nashville is Smashville. His site features a countdown to 100 points for the Preds this season. He is also cross-posting at Bleacher Report, giving the Preds a presence there. Go to the Predators Aggregator and you may really be surprised how many folks are blogging about the Preds this year.

I'm not completely in the loop on this but the Preds are sponsoring the Smashville Dodgeball Challenge this weekend.

The Milwaukee Admirals rolled out the second part of their web upgrade on Monday. From @JonAdmirals: "Phase 2 of Milwaukeeadmirals.com launched today. AdsTV, photo gallery, new game, mobile application. Great job Charlie and Tech By Design!"

The Milwaukee Admirals Center Ice show that normally is on Mondays was pushed back to tonight this week so not to conflict with the Packers-Minnesota game last night.

Around the NHL...

Ryan at the RedLightDistrict has his first Power Rankings of the year along with a bunch of other stuff.

Stay Classy has an early pick for the Calder Trophy.

Psycho Puck Lady is on the road again, this time to a haunted hotel in Pittsburgh.

Probably not a surprise to many, but of the four major sports, hockey is the most "high brow" with visitors to the league's website having the highest income of all the sports so says the Wall Street Journal.

From @DarrenDreger: "NHLPA agrees to negotiate settlement with Paul Kelly and intends on settling a lawsuit filed by former players and PA lawyer, Stu Grimson."

Chris Botta has a story on Kate Murray's opponent Kristen McElroy who is clearly pro Lighthouse Project.

Newsday has Queens as the suitor of the day for Charles Wang and the Islanders.

From Puck The Media comes the weekend's winners and losers on TV.

The hottest thing going in Canada (other than hockey) is the CBC series Battle of the Blades where pro figure skaters are paired up with hockey players in a competition. In the following video Bob Probert is paired with Kristina Lenko on the ice at Maple Leaf Gardens. MotherPucker has the results of the first night.

You never know who is reading or listening. We got a email from a reader Sjoberg Pontus in Sweden who wanted us to give his site a shout out. Therefore, we direct everyone to EuroNHL where Pontus give a view of the NHL from Europe. They even have a link for our site there. We are going to keep an eye on his site and see what the NHL looks like from afar.

Finally, this from @CCSeed: The Best Psychic Joke In The World, Ever!

More Later...

Buddy Oakes for PredsOnTheGlass


Drunken Gator said...

Hey Buddy, thanks for the mention in your article. I really enjoyed the podcast last night. I hope i can provided another voice for the Preds.

Thanks again,
Rick Gillispie

PredsOnTheGlass said...

Rick, Welcome to the world of Pred Bloggers. One of our goals has been to encourage others so we are thrilled to death to see you involved. Anything we can ever do, let us know.