Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Morning After...

After sleeping on last night's game for a few hours, I still find it hard to see many positives from the effort other than Colin Wilson's debut and Triston Grant's tenacity in his early game fight. Here is our recap from last night with post-game interviews.

After sitting through the last two games, the Predator's 2-0 start seems like it happened a long time ago. The Preds have scored only six legitimate goals, and only one in the last two games. Other than a quick start in Dallas and a fast close against the Avalanche, the Pred's offense has been as dead as a door nail.

Coach Barry Trotz has his work cut out for him at practice this morning to turn things around quickly as the Preds play Dallas tomorrow night and the Stars will still be stinging from their opening night loss to the Preds.

On Thursday, back at the Sommet, the Preds face Chicago who came back from being down 5-0 last night against Calgary to win 6-5 in overtime. Then on Saturday, the Predators travel to DC to play Alexander Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals.

Without a complete turn-around and added "resiliency" (Barry Trotz's favorite term) the Preds could easily find themselves in a hole that will be difficult to crawl out of.

Here are the video highlights (or lowlights) from last night's game if you are brave enough to watch.

One of the highlights of the night was the following marathon fight between Triston Grant and tough guy, Zach Stortini. Grant held his own and has to be complemented for his tenacity in not opting out until both pugilist were totally gassed. Barry Trotz said last week that Grant played with a "Smashville" attitude and this was the proof in the pudding.

Game Night Stories...

John Glennon has some positive comments about Colin Wilson but has very little else good to say about the Predators.

Jim Diamond does a great job at hitting the nail on the head on last night's loss with his take asking "Is it time for the Predators to panic?"

Other views on the game include Brandon Felder, Forechecker, What The Puck, Section303, The City Paper, See Puck City, Nashville is Smashville,and Preds Fanantic Kelly.

In Pred Nation...

Forechecker sets the record straight on Adrian Dater with an extensive rebuttal. I can't find the post now, but a few months back, Dater quoted me from a Daily Herald article and referred to me as a "good friend." I guess he has turned on us now.

Mark at The View From 111 didn't hold back piling on "Adam" Dater in his post "Lazy and Stupid."

Ryan Lambert at Puck Daddy also comments on the absurd Adrian Dater piece where he leveled a full out assault on the Preds.

Bad news from Windsor is that Ryan Ellis is out for up to two weeks with a wrist injury. That's is not good news for a player who has been said to be the future quaterback of the Predators power play.

AHL.com has a nice piece on Jonathan Blum and how he has overcome a tremendous amount of adversity in his life.

Around the NHL...

Our favorite "Queen of Twitter" Danni Muccio (@dani3boyz) is featured on Day Two of Matt Reitz's series on Hockey and Social Media at View From My Seats.

The Schwartz has a great article on Steve Yzerman at Hockey54. Launy also has a post on the Culture of Fighting.

Chris Chelios was back on the ice with the Chicago Wolves on Monday. Puck Daddy has the lowdown.

Puck Daddy has a couple of vids on the "scoop shot." As effective as it appears, why do we not see more of it in the NHL? Jackson uses it regularly on me out in the street and the only effective defense I've found is to hit him with my stick before he throws it in the net.

Psycho Lady Hockey has a new site. Check it out. We should have a new Tuesday Top Ten from her today.

Nashville Debbie has a poll on favorite things to do in Downtown Nashville. Click here to vote.

Finally, the Toy Story 3 trailer is out and it appears that Andy will be headed for college at the same time as my son Fisher is starting. That is really odd since the original Toy Story was the first movie he ever went to when he was three years old.

More Later...

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