Friday, April 22, 2011

POTG Good Friday - Earth Day Headlines and Links

I apologize for the lateness of my morning post but I had a rare holiday and decided to catch up on sleep after all these late playoff nights. Anyway, a huge game lurks for the Predators tonight and we will have our preview out shortly as well as the Vezina announcement that should include the Predators' Pekka Rinne in the final three.

I know it has been beaten to death, but game six will start at 5 p.m. CDT on SUnday.

Follow the jump for all the links from the Predators and around the NHL which includes information about the City of Glendale -Goldwater institute meeting that was a complete farce.

In Preds Nation...

Brian Mullen brought the word of Erat staying in Nashville and some strong comments from Barry Trotz.

Josh Cooper tells the tragic story of the death of Jon Blum's twin sister.

Adrian Dater does an audio interview with Sports Illustrated TV discussing the Preds-Ducks. He is a closet Preds fan and wants to spend some time in Nashville during the finals.

Dirk Hoag throws out a few thoughts on Game 4.

Robby Stanley says the Preds have a second chance at a game five.

Chris Burton still feels like Jarkko Ruutiu should have gotten supplemental discipline. The bottom line is that it did not fit the definition of a extra games.

Pekka Rinne makes the list of playoff underachievers at Spector's Hockey.

First Tweet in a while from @Jtootoo22: Looking at starting up a clothing line I will keep you guys posted. TEAM TOOTOO gear.

On the Duck Pond...

J. P. Hoornstra takes a look at both sides of the Jarkko Ruutu suspension at Quackalakin.

Jeff Dahlia takes the Ducks side of the diving issue and berates the Predators.

The L A Times says that the off days are even contentious between the Preds and Ducks.

Around the NHL...

The meeting between the Goldwater Institute and the City of Glendale and proposed owner Matthew Hulsizer appears to have been a complete sham meeting as the GI did nothing to try to resolve the matter. All involved appeared completely frustrated with the time that was wasted by Goldwater who had no intention of resolving the matter.

Adam Proteau feels that this year's version of the Capitals are actually ready to make a deep run.

This was a great interview on the NHL Hour with Gary Bettman and special guest NBC's Dick Ebersol. Here is the written version.

If the Coyotes move to Winnipeg it will be without Ilya Bryzgalov who says it is too cold.

One of my baseball heroes, Tom Glavine, is part of a group considering the purchase the Thrashers and keep them in Atlanta.

The Red Wings hit 500,000 "Likes" on Facebook last week and are celebrating by giving away playoff tickets.

Stu Hackel has a positive piece on the new NHL TV deal with NBC.

Steve Lapore is ready to start a few traditions for the day after Thanksgiving national TV game.

It's interesting to see other team's jumbotron videos. Here is something from KingsVision.

Odds and Ends...

Surfer Magazine has the top ten colleges with proximity to quality surf spots.

Nashville has the second highest percentage of folks that only have cell phones and not land lines.

It appears that a SWAT team may converge on your farmhouse if you starve your cows.

Another stupid idea: Arizona State officials are thinking about suing a Chicago gang for using their team logo as a gang sign.

More Later...

Buddy Oakes for PredsOnTheGlassChris Burton still feels like Jarkko Ruutu

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