Monday, April 25, 2011

POTG Monday Headlines and Morning Links

I apologize to our loyal readers that this is not the best weekend round-up on record but we have been extremely busy with Predators coverage for the last three days. Getting to chat with the Preds and the Ducks folks on Saturday provided good stuff. We will have a post about Pekka's thoughts on the Vezina and possibly a guest post at In Goal Magazine about Pekka's new headgear for next season in the next couple of days.

At 11 a.m. CDT today, we will have the Norris Trophy finalists and have a pretty good idea that Shea Weber might be in the top three. We will also have The Morning Afther look at last night's game within the hour.

Check out all our weekend posts and make the jump to see what we have got here today.

In Pred Nation... points out that 92,000 folks walked into the Bridgestone Arena in the past week.

A J at PMFF looks at the next generation of Predator fans.

The PostGame has a nice feature on Jon Blum and what he means for California hockey.

The Nashville Business Journal previews a story about the Predator's dynamic ticket pricing in the playoffs. The key as a consumer is to buy the tickets as early as possible.

J. R. Lind tried to break the tension on Friday with a photoshop contest about Anders Lindback going to Disneyland. Here are the results.

Jabberheads were pleased with their first round pick of the Predators.

If you want to win a guitar autographed by all the Predators, here is your chance.

The Milwaukee Admirals return home with a 3-2 lead after Saturday's win in overtime.

Around the NHL...

From Sunday in addition to the Predators win, The Blackhawks  pushed Vancouver to game seven and the Flyers sent their series to a game seven showdown too.

After being eliminated from the playoffs the Rangers extended John Tortorella's contract for thre years.

Ryan Kennedy has the story of a camp for 1995 birthday prospects and Max Domi, the son of Tie Domi was a highlight.

Spector's Hockey has the lastest rumors from Phoenix. Illegal Curve gives the Winnipeg view.

Patrick Hoffman looks at the value of home ice advantage in the playoffs.

Terry Frei calls out the Avalanche on their failed "Plan A."

Taping the stick doesn't get enough press so the Detroit Free Press took care of that during the Wings extended time off.

The Kings have struggled at home against the Sharks so here are the top seven ways for them to win game six at home.

Odds and Ends...

Laday Gaga not only disrupted the Predators-Ducks series she had a fan that died and then came back to life.

If you need prayer, a Baptist Church in Old Hickory has commandeered an old bank to offer drive through prayer.

More Later...

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