Thursday, April 28, 2011

POTG Second Round Prognostications and A Look Back at Our First Eight Predictions

Time is growing short to the beginning of round two of the Stanley Cup Playoffs so our prognostications will be short and sweet.

In the opening round, I set a personal record as many folks did, picking seven of eight winners. Jackson would have had a perfect eight for eight had he not taken the Coyotes to beat Detroit.

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Capitals (1) - Lightning (5) - This is a difficult series to read. Both teams have explosive offensive players and can score in bunches. Special teams could play a big part in the series so whoever plays with more discipline could take a game or two at some point. In goal, I would have to give the edge to the experience of Dwayne Roloson who has been to the finals before with Edmonton. The Capitals spent the entire year preparing for the postseason with a new more defensive style and I think before it is over they will rise to the top. Capitals in Seven

Flyers (2) - Bruins (3) - There is also not a clear favorite in this match either. Last year, Boston's collapse allowed the Flyers to come back and win their series so Boston has an extreme retribution factor going for them. The Flyers may go the way Chris Pronger goes. If he returns from his hand injury and becomes a dominant force that may take the series. The biggest advantage the Bruins have is in net with Tim Thomas while the Flyers can't decide from one game to the next who their starter is. Bruins in Six

Sharks (2) - Red Wings (3) - You could flip a coin in this series and still not have a 50-50 chance of picking a winner. These two teams are very close in talent with the Wings have the advantage in experience at winning in the playoffs. The Wings were man-handled by the Sharks last season after they had a seven game tussel wit Phoenix. This season the Wings had a short series with the Yotes and have had plenty of time to rest and heal their injuries. This pick is one from the gut as I think the Wings and the Sharks will live up to their playoff reputations. Wings in Seven

Canucks (1) - Predators (5) - Surprisingly, more folks are choosing the Predators over the heavily favored Canucks than you would expect. The Predators can win this series if they play with discipline and Pekka Rinne can steal a couple of games. A win on the road in the first two games would be big. The two key players to watch here will be Shane O'Brien and Alexandre Burrows. Watever happens, good or bad, will involve there two guys. Mark my words. My pick drives a nail through my heart and I hope I am wrong. Canucks in Seven

Jackson's Picks

Washington in six

Boston in five

Sharks in seven

Canucks in six

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