Saturday, April 30, 2011

POTG Saturday News, Headlines and Links

Today is a new day for the Nashville Predators as they look for a better result against the Canucks tonight at 8 p.m. CDT when all of the USA and Canada will be focused on the only game in prime time that will be seen on Versus in the US and HNIC in Canada. This afternoon, NBC has Boston and Philadelphia at 2 p.m. CDT.

We will have our game preview up within the hour and watch for news and developments throughout the day.

Make the jump for today's news, headlines and links...

In Pred Nation...

Josh Cooper says that the Predators first game was so brutal that Barry Trotz would not let the players forget it for a change. He also has a few player comments about Barry Trotz's Jack Adams nomination.

Chris Burton wants Barry Trotz to free Willie.

Pierre McGuire visited NHL Home Ice to recap the Preds-Nucks game yesterday.

Mark Willoughby give us his weekly "MyView" which breaks the news that more folks are on the government dole than they were in the Great Depression.

Paul McCann discusses the embarrassing situation of game one.

Jas Faulkner has more on the Preds first game and what people were saying.

The Milwaukee Admirals beat Houston 3-1 in game one of their Western Conference Finals series. Ryan Ellis had a shot and an assist in his first pro game. Admirals Roundtable has more including comment's on Ellis's first game.

Whale Tales...

Mark Spector sees troubling trends from the Canucks game one against the Preds.

With only one game on Thursday, PHT spent plenty of time discussing all aspects.

Around the NHL...

Last night we saw an upset with he Lightning beating the Caps on their home ice 4-2 and the Wings losing in overtime 2-1 to the Sharks on a goal by birthday boy Benn Ferriero.

At the World Championships, Team USA plays today at 9:15 a.m. and can be seen on Versus. Here is Kevin Allen's look at Team USA.

Sidney Crosby has suffered a setback in his recovery. Here is a second story from Mirtle, and a third one from the National Post. This could really be bad for the whole league.

Lindy Ruff was given a contract extension by the Buffalo Sabres.

Adrian Dater says that the NHL Playoffs are gaining popularity.

Stu Hackel has some good stuff on the second round and from the Preds opening game.

Justin Bourne looks at how goalies can make snipers go crazy.

The Hockey Writers looks at Jack Adams snubs.

The Penguins will be better next year. Here's why.

The Goldwater Institute sent a mailer to the Glendale Mayor. Whoops!

NBC is celebrating good ratings from the first round.

This is an incredible visual of Stanley Cup Finalist from 1927 to the present. It is worth a click.

Down Goes Brown has excuses for every team not still in the playoffs.

Odds and Ends...

Since all of my readers were watching the Preds and Canucks game one, here s a link to the full episode of Michael Scott's last episode on The Office. And here is a compilation of "That's what she saids."

Gabrielle Giffords not only is the injured spouse of a shuttle astronaut that went into space yesterday, she is the ranking Democrat on the House Space sub-committee and holds a key to the future of the Florida's Space Coast.

After yesterday's scrub, Shuttle Endeavour's launch is now no earlier than Monday at 2:33 p.m. EDT.

The Harvard Magazine features the alleged worlds greatest blogger.

Netflix is closer to being on Android phones. I can't wait.

More Later...

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