Tuesday, April 26, 2011

POTG Tuesday Headlines and Morning Links

With the Predators in a waiting mode, the focus turns to the remaining series that are still being played. Last night one potential Predator opponent was eliminated when the Sharks beat the Kings 4-3 in overtime on Joe Thornton's goal. In the other game, Tampa Bay forced game seven with the Pens with a 4-2 win.

Tonight, all eyes in Pred nation will be on Chicago playing at Vancouver tonight which will determine the Preds next opponent. If Vancouver wins, the Preds will play them. With a Hawks win, Nashville will play Detroit.

At this point, depending on when the series starts, it would appear that Preds home games would be Monday-Wednesday or Tuesday-Thursday next week. Concerts at The Bridge on Friday and Saturday are somewhat of a limiting factor.

The Predators will practice today at 11 a.m. at the Bridgestone Arena.

We'll be back in a little while with complete details about tonight's two game sevens and separate elimination game. Follow the jump for all the day's headlines and links.

In Pred Nation...

David Boclair looks at the Predators strong finish and what it means going forward.

Robby Stanley has a really important piece about a key demographic for the Predators.

The Toronto Sun has a feature on the Preds coming out party.

Bryan Mullen looks at the Predators' day of rest as well as their two possible opponents.

Section 303 has their eulogy to the Anaheim Ducks. Puck Daddy also got Rudy Kelly to do the Ducks last rites.

The Milwaukee Admirals had to go to overtime but the Ads came out on top and move on to round two.

Jim Diamond says Pekka Rinne gives the credit for his Vezina nomination to his teammates.

Teresa Walker says that the Preds players are not satisfied with just one round.

NHL.com had a nice piece on the great return to the ice that Jordin Tootoo has had.

David Poile commented on Shea Weber's Norris nomination.

Ducks and Cover had eleven thoughts on game six.

Joe Yerdon has what went wrong with the Ducks at PHT.

Stu Hackel sya that it is time to take the Predators seriously.

WKRN has a loudest fans feature on the Predators.

The New York Times recognizes the Predators historical first series win.

Rachel Addison had a couple of YouTubes from her seats of the closing seconds. One, Two. Chills!

Jas Faulkner has her first round wrap-up at The Hockey Writers.

Joshua Huffman has a fan post at Yahoo describing his Predator experience.

Erin Evans puts a bow on the Preds' series at CWGAP.

Fang Faction has What's Ahead.

Predatorial claims that Mike Fisher is now on Twitter.

Preds prospect Gabriel Bourque is the subject of a Milwaukee Journal feature story.

With success comes torment from Intent to Blow. Thanks Guys!

Around the NHL...

James O'Brien at PHT reports that Dallas may be closer to having a new owner.

Kevin Allen discusses the problem that Team USA has attracting players to the World Championships.

The NHL was not invited to the City of Glendale-Goldwater Institute summit last week and it's probably just as well since it was such a farce.

The NHL is pressing forward on financing for the Coyotes.

Brandon McMillan reflects on the open net that he missed late in the game against Nashville on Sunday.

Ticket prices are already high for the Rangers at MSG and even after the first round loss they are taking another price hike.

Steve Lapore looks at the importance of the Winter Classic in the new NHL TV deal.

Patrick Hoffman looks at the Caps expecting something more.

Our buddy B.D Gallof has the Rangers' eulogy at Puck Daddy.

Elliotte Friedman's 30 thoughts includes some Ryan Suter love.

Here is an interesting story on where the term "black aces" comes from.

Odds and Ends...

The Space Coast is expecting huge crowds for Friday's penultimate Space Shuttle launch.

Dahlia Kurtz is Always Wright and checks in on the royal wedding.

Here is something new that is really interesting. It is called Watchittoo and it does just that.

The much maligned Wii will have a replacement in 2012 per a Nintendo statement.

More Later...

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