Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekend Wrap-up and POTG Radio

Of course it is Monday and tonight will have another edition of PredsOnTheGlass Radio at 7:00 Central. We have genuine regular season Hockey to talk about so it should be fun.

Tonight we have a couple of guests that we are looking forward to talking with. First up, we will have Launy "The" Schwartz from, "The Face of the Game." Hockey 54 is a new destination site for hockey that rolled out last Thursday with a gigantic party in Toronto to kick it off.

I met Launy and his wife Dahlia in Las Vegas at the NHL Awards after party and I learned about their project and was invited to join in. Launy was on POTG during the summer and was a very dynamic and interesting guest.

We will also have Ryan Miller (not the goalie) from Admiral's Short Shifts. We had his partner, Eric on during the summer so we are looking forward to meeting the other have of the duo.

The Ads should be stacked this year with the Preds having such a talented group of youngsters in the organization. We will take a look at what they have and what to expect as they go after the Calder Cup again this year.

So join us live tonight or catch us on the podcast at your leisure.

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We have a new poll up to give Pred fans a chance to voice their opinion on which Central Division rival that they hate the most. Take a look to the right and cast a vote. We will post the final results of last week's poll on goal songs tomorrow.

In Pred Nation...

John Glennon has word that Colin Wilson will be back on the ice this week and may not go to Milwaukee. No further word on J.P. or or the other injured Preds.

David Boclair discusses Barry Trotz's roadmap to victory on Saturday.

For those checking the standings already, over at Sports Club Stats, after one game, the Preds have a 58% chance of making the playoffs with he most likely point total being 92.

Mark from The View from 111 had a big weekend traveling to Columbia, SC to watch his Gamecocks have a big win over South Carolina State. When he returned home he posted a story on Saturday's Preds game at Hockey Independent and another story at The View from 111 on the effect the youth of the team is having on the veterans. Maybe the Preds have the right mix of youth and experience this season.

Jim Diamond takes a look at Pred prospects in the Junior leagues and how they have done so far.

Big Kev does some higher math to show where the needed scoring will come from for the Preds this season.

Admirals Short Shifts has more "Bonus Coverage" from Saturday's big win over the Chicago Wolves.

Anyone who follows sports in Nashville and even those who don't, know about the total meltdown of the Tennessee Titans at the start of this season as they have yet to win in four games. This occurred the year after having the best record in the NFL. No one really saw this coming. Forechecker has a poll and a discussion asking if this will be an opportunity for the Predators to pick up a few extra fans since the Titans season probably won't extend to the playoffs. Hopefully the Preds will pick up where they left off on Saturday and play well in the three home games this weekend.

In the aftermath of Saturday's Preds win over the Stars is one Darrel "Razor" Reaugh who "guaranteed " a Dallas win over the Preds. Fortunately for Pred fans he was wrong. In Sunday's post he basically reneges on his offer to buy tickets for all. This didn't sit well with Paul McCann or Rachel at What the Puck either.

Rotoworld has a great story here saying "Rinne could start on Tuesday". Start what on Tuesday? The game is Thursday.

Around the NHL...

For those wanting a shot at Winter Classic tickets, the deadline is 10:59 Central this morning. Go here for your chance to win, quickly!

Puck Daddy reports that YouTube sensation, "Baby Brooks" has recreated his speech for the Predator's Jumbotron for opening night. The video star is Josh Sacco, son of Spring Hill, TN resident Jim Sacco. Do you think that was supposed to be a secret? Here's the original YouTube video.

After finding out that Jim Sacco and his family were from Spring Hill, I contacted Jim to see if he would come on POTG tonight but he had bigger thing in the works for this evening that he said would be apparent by Tuesday morning. Be on the lookout for Josh Sacco popping up in an unexpected place tonight.

Ryan from the RedLight District is back at his normal site this morning after a brief stop over at Fan Huddle. Check out his Morning Skate and a look at the Hurricanes rough start.

Matt at View from My Seats went all out and aggregated highlights of all 15 games from Saturday in one post.

The City of Hamilton paid for a full color page advertisement in the Hamilton Spectator thanking Jim Ballsillie for his failed efforts at brining in an NHL team. This writer suggests that it cost $8000 to $15000 of taxpayer money to run it.

The deadline for the Lighthouse project came and went and B D Galloff put's his criticle eye on the situation and it is not a pretty site. For those following the ongoing LH saga, this is an important read. BD was also on Chris Wassel's The Program last night in the starting at the 90 minute mark. The podcast is here.

The Hockey News has 30 teams, each with a bad deal that will come back to haunt them. Guess who they have pegged for the Preds.

The rumors about the Thrashers moving to Winnipeg aren't some thing that would happen anytime soon.

Finally, for the record, I was 8-7 in the NHL Pick 15 Twitter contest. If anyone got all 15 with all the upsets on Saturday, they deserve the prize.

More Later...

Buddy Oakes for PredsOnTheGlass

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