Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dater Makes Amends with Predator Fans on POTG Radio (and more)

Last night's POTG Episode was an excellent show. I was a little under the weather but managed to hang in there for the two interviews.

Adrian Dater from the Denver Post was a really interesting guest. He has been under attack from Predator fans for almost a month for his "No Holding Back" article on Versus where he bashed the Pred fans for not selling out opening night when he was in town with the Avalanche.

At the beginning of the interview, Adrian confronted the issue head on and gave an explanation of the origins of the piece. He went further and acknowledged that the attendance dynamics around the league have become considerably different than he realized when he wrote the Versus piece and back-tracked considerably from his original take.

I think that most listeners will find him to be a very likable guy with an interesting background and a love for studying the Civil War. He really likes Nashville and would like to spend some time visiting the Civil War sites around Middle Tennessee area. He also offered advice for Jackson and others wanting to get into the sports business.

Next up was David Rogers who is a full-time Associate Editor for Fanball and runs the Frozen Notes blog. We covered a good bit of ground on this year's version of the St. Louis Blues and what we might expect when the Blue and Preds match up in an important game on Thursday.

David also discussed his fantasy hockey Owners Edge NHL where most of his stuff is on the non-pay version. He also gave owners a couple of tips for those needing help with their teams with all the injuries that have occurred.

We would like to thank Adrian and David for joining us and hope to have them back on again in the future.

In Preds Land...

John Glennon takes a look at former Preds playing for other teams including Jed Ortmeyer and Scotty Nichol, who they will face tonight with the Sharks. He also indicates that Shea Weber will return tonight. Dan Ellis is the likely starter in goal.

The San Jose Mercury News reports that Devin Setoguchi and Ryan Vesce will return to the Sharks tonight after missing seven games each. They also have a story about Jed Ortmeyer and his continuing issue with his blood disorder.

Forechecker has the grades for the Predator's forwards. If my kids brought home grades like this, they would be grounded for months. Maybe that's not a bad idea for the players.

Paul McCann takes a look at the NHLPA mess at HockeyBuzz.

Around the NHL...

Monday's made for TV Hockey Hall of Fame induction ceremony was a big NHL event. Here is Puck Daddy's roundup of inductees. For those who missed it, NHL Snipers has all the speeches in one post.

Big news from @schuylerb: Beginning November 16, NHL Network will simulcast XM's "NHL Power Play." Show airs weekdays from 4pm – 6pm on XM Channel 204. For those wanting more live programing on the NHL Network, this is a big step in the right direction.

Matt Reitz takes a look at Allan Walsh's tweet over the weekend that has stirred up the masses. I saw it and realized that he repped Halak and thought that he was making a good point (disclaimer, I have Halak on a fantasy team).

Bill Daly says the league will pay Wayne Gretzky what he is owed.

Scott Burnside at ESPN rubs more salt into the Preds wound with another Rick Peverly story.

School of Block has some interesting goalie stories at Dobber Hockey.

Episode 26 of KingsCast has a review of the Kings-Preds game and an interview with PsychoPuckLady.

Mashable has an article discussing the NFL's Larry Johnson being released by the Kansas City Chiefs and the role a few Tweets may have played in the dismissal from the team.

Epic Fail or Feat at Hockey Independent. On a more serious note, B. D. Gallof has his latest take on the Lighthouse Project.

In a rare move, the St. Louis Globe-Democrat is returning for an online only edition after a 23 year hiatus. They appear ready to embrace social media to spread the news.

More Later...

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