Tuesday, November 3, 2009

POTG Podcast with Josh "Miracle Speech Kid" Sacco and Matt Reitz and More

Last night's POTG Radio Podcast is ones for the record books. Jackson said that it was one of his two favorite shows that we've done over the last ten months.

Five year old Josh Sacco, famous for his recreation of Herb Brooks speech for the movie Miracle on YouTube and The Ellen Show, and his mother Julie were our first guests. I asked Josh if he was nervous and he said that he wasn't. I had to admit that I was probably more nervous than he was for some reason.

We talked with Josh and Julie about his rise to celebrity status and how it really had not affected Josh in any way other than all the trips the family was getting to take. It was incredible how engaged Josh was during questions and answers. I don't recall ever talking to a kindergardener on the phone that could converse on such a high level.

The segment was highlighted with Josh giving the "Miracle" speech with out a hitch. We would like to thank Josh and his family for spending a half hour with us and sharing their story.

Matt Reitz from View from My Seats was our second guest and all of us were a bit rattled after being overwhelmed by Josh's visit. Matt joked that there was no way to follow such an impressive guest.

Matt recovered quickly and it turned into an hour long segment where we covered everything from hockey, to Vegas, to the movie Swingers, and of course our weekly POTG discussion of In-N-Out Burgers.

Matt was a great guest that we will have back in the future for a return engagement. The wit and sarcasm combined with his extensive knowledge that is appearant on his web site, translates very well into the world of talk radio. There were several belly laughs mixed in with serious discussion.

If you were ever going to listen to a podcast of POTG Radio this would be one of the top few shows to check out.

In Predator Nation...

Mixed news yesterday from @NHLPredsInsider: Arnott, Tootoo will return Thurs... Erat will go on road trip and may play Thurs. or Sat... Weber expected to miss 1-2 weeks - foot injury.

Jim Diamond has the complete story on Shea Weber's injury. Bryan Mullen has more on the injuries and the new line combinations at Monday's practice.

Dan Hamhuis finds it easier to go to the rink again after a three game win streak.

From yesterday, here is our story on Pekka Rinne being the NHL Second Star of the Week.

Brandon Felder and Dirk Hoag were guests on News 5 Plus last night with Eric Yutzy. I got to see some of it after POTG Radio ended and they did a great job. Hopefully one of the guys will post a link so everyone can see it.

Section 303 has a story on the chaotic month of October for the Preds.

Dan Rosen of NHL.com has a good piece on Colin Wilson.

Forechecker starts handing out grades for October, starting with the goalies.

Here is a surprise from @Short_Shifts: BREAKING NEWS! Admirals forward Ben Eaves leaves team - retires from hockey. That is a real surprise. Paul Nicholson pointed us to this video from a couple of weeks ago where Eves seemed positive about the season. Here is a bit more from Ads Short Shifts.

A J checks in at Pull My Fang Finger with a look at the Jekyll-Hyde nature of the Preds so far this season.

The "Reverse Trick or Treat" pictures at Preds.com are a must view. These costumes are better than last year's Disco Ball.

Along the same theme, here are the pictures that were submitted of the Preds pumpkin carving contest. One of the pictures includes Josh Sacco with his Preds pumpkin.

Pensburg takes a look at the Anaheim Ducks, the Predators opponent on Thursday (The Pens play them tonight).

Around the NHL...

Finally, the bankruptcy phase of the Phoenix Coyote saga is almost over. Judge Baum approved the NHL plan and the deal should close in the next few days. Here is the report from Travis Hair of Five for Howling who appeared four times on POTG detailing the saga.

A couple of things from NHL.com... First an NHL Toolbar, and @NHL: Hey guys--we want to create lists of #NHL fans by team! Please Tweet @NHL your favorite team or teams w the hashtag #myfavoriteNHLteam. Masable even picked up on this. Here is their story.

In spite of his injury on Sunday, I'm sure the world will see more of Alexander Ovechkin now that he has signed a deal with IMG to market his pretty face.

Kukla's Pat Hoffman has a great interview with our friend Katrina Cady the PsychoPuckLady.

Puck report has an interview with Marcus Naslund following his recent retirement.

For those who missed the NHL Network's "Behind the Mask" feature on Sunday, the full feature can be found on the internet here.

Our friends at Blackstone Sports have made the big time with a story in the New York Times about their Flat Bottom V skate sharpening technology.

For Fantasy players needing goalie information, check The Daily Faceoff for their daily goalie update.

Way off topic from the Motley Fool... The best run company in the world is... In-N-Out Burger.

More Later...

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