Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Taking a Deep Breath Before the Next Game

The Preds continued their stellar early season run run against the Wings by winning 3-1. Here is our game story and postgame interviews from last night.

Whenever a team gets on a roll, fans are always waiting for the other shoe to drop as to when it will come to an end. In the past, the Predators have had problems with a post-Detroit hangover after big wins over the Wings.

While the Preds could get beat tomorrow night in Colorado, I don't see a hangover as being the cause. Last Saturday's game against Colorado was more of a classic hangover game after beating San Jose and New Jersey back to back. Fortunately for the Preds, they survived and came out on top.

In spite of the fact that the Wings had the Preds on their heels in the third period, this was not the same Red Wings team that Pred fans have learned to hate over the years. They are a good team with excellent top line players and superior coaching, but having lost Marion Hossa and being decimated by injuries they do not stand out in the Central Division as being a cut above everyone else.

If you check the standings this morning, you may be surprised to see that the Preds leapfrogged Detroit and Columbus last night and moved into second place in the division and seventh in the Western Conference. The Preds are only five points behind the Division leading Blackhacks who have been as hot as the Preds.

As much as Pred fans wish it would never end, the streak will be over at some point in the next few games. Fortunately, the team has learned what it takes to win and that they will carry that with them for the remainder of the season and will have confidence going into each game that they have a pretty good chance of victory.

Detroit vs. Nashville recaps from others...

John Glennon has the complete story, notes, and a story on Marty Erat at the Tennessean and a postgame wrap-up at Inside Predators. John has really raised the bar this year with his Preds coverage, especially on the blog.

Jim Diamond has the story at the Examiner and David Boclair has the recap at the City Paper.

In the blogs, Brandon Felder, Forechecker, Paul McCann, What The Puck, AJ, Big Kev and See Puck City cover every possible angle on the game.

The Detroit side of the story can be found at Freep.com, MLive, and the Detroit News. There is also a story about Shea Weber regretting the injury to Andereas Lilja.

No one made the top three stars of the night at Puck Daddy but Marty Erat got an Honorable Mention.

In Preds Nation...

Codey Holland has news on the Patron Platinum Club at section 303. No, it is not actually in the Cellblock.

Predators.com has a weekly update from the Milwaukee Admirals.

Here's the week in review of the Pred's ECHL team, the Cyclones from Section 60.

Cellblock 303's Jeremy Gover is now a video star. Check it out.

Our friends Dirk and Mark are now getting their stuff posted at USA Today as they have picked up SB Nation and Bleacher Report.

Around the NHL...

Dater's return... After receiving heat over an incident in Calgary that he Tweeted about, our friend Adrian Dater left Twitter but now vows a return. Dater was on XM204's War Room yesterday discussing old vs new media and Twitter. I sent Mick Kern an email about Dater's Civil War interest and Mick missed it while Dater was on but did give POTG blog and podcast a nice shout out later in the show. Thanks Mick!

The AJC has an interesting article on Rich Peverly and his success in Atlanta.

Another week, more #SaturdayNHLPicks to make.

Newsday reports that other developers may be interested in the land around the Islander's arena if Charles Wang backs out.

David Perron's goal against the Islanders last Saturday is worth another look. So is Steven Stamkos' butt slide goal against the Ducks.

Al Cimaglia has a very thoughtful article on internet credibility at Hockey Independent.

More Later...

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