Monday, November 2, 2009

"Miracle" Speech Kid Featured on POTG Radio Tonight

Tonight's episode of POTG Radio should be a good one. We will have Josh and Jim Sacco as well as Matt Reitz from View from My Seats.

Josh Sacco became an international internet sensation about a month ago when his video recreating Herb Brooks' 1980 speech from the movie Miracle rocketed to over a million hits in just a few days. Subsequent stories and an appearance on the Ellen show even further broadened his following.

We will discuss all the notoriety with Josh and his dad, Jim Sacco on tonight's show and to hear their side of the story. It should be interesting to hear how a homemade video can lead to so much attention as well as how it all came about.

We will also have Matt Reitz from California who has the View from My Seats website. Matt does an excellent job and often brings in writers from across North America for special series that his readers really enjoy.

We will also discuss the Predators upcoming West coast road trip with Matt who should give us a different perspective of what the Predators will face when they head west.

Please join us tonight at 7:00 Central for what should be a fun, interesting show.

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In Predator Nation...

After a poor start to the season the Nashville Predators appear to have turned the ship around and are playing more like last year's second half team that made a serious run for the playoffs.

The coaches and players both are looking forward to the upcoming road trip with enthusiasm and positive feelings about being able to bring home a few points.

Indications are that Jason Arnott, Mary Erat and maybe even Jordin Tootoo may be able to play when the Preds hit the ice on Thursday in Anaheim. That should present some interesting roster situations for Barry Trotz and his coaches.

Others appear to agree that the Preds are looking better including The View from 111, Big Kev, John Glennon, Paul McCann, and Ryan from the RLD,

This morning John Glennon has an extended notes column with a story about Colin Wilson and other items.

The Milwaukee Admirals also appear to have turned things around over the weekend. Admirals Short Shifts has the details.

Mirtle has the final piece to the series on Nashville as a hockey town. He has really taken a good objective look at Nashville's situation in all six parts. While there may be a few things fans may consider to be "negative" in this last segment, taken as a whole it is a very positive story and he is fully pulling for the franchise and the fans to make it work.

Around the NHL...

The whole NHLPA situation has about reached the boiling point. Here is Ian Penny's letter outlining his specific issues before he quit or was fired (depending on who you are listening to). B D Gallof has a perspective piece here. Ken Campbell of The Hockey News discusses the possibility of the return of Paul Kelly as well as questioning what the review committee is up to. This is going to continue to be a distraction for the current season and beyond until a consensus leader is in place.

In the spirit of Halloween Michelle Kenneth looked at her top five scary hockey moments. In a more serious matter, Michelle looks at "feminism" and "feminism in hockey" in an excellent piece that should be read by all.

With a H/T to Dmirty Chesnokov, here is the Google translate version of Team Russia's roster at this point. It is a good mix of NHL and KHL players.

One of the weekend's highlights had to be the mask-less save by Atlanta's Ondrej Pavelek. In all he had 49 others with his mask on.

Finally, in a day when Pavelek's Mask-less save seems like such an oddity, last night's NHL Network special on the 50th anniversary of the goal mask was an interesting piece. If you missed it, it is well worth an hour of your time as it will probably run a few hundred times in rerun on the NHL Network.

More Later...

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