Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving and Daily Updates

We would again like to wish everyone a great Thanksgiving holiday and thank everyone for the support each of you have given POTG in the past year. There are so many things that we are thankful for, it is good to have a day set aside to reflect on how blessed that we really are.

It was interesting watching the replay of the Preds-Sens game on the NHL Network this morning since it was the game that ended the early season six game losing streak. Including that game, the Preds have gone 12-3-0, and winning the last seven games.

Even though it was the beginning of better things to come, in the game you could tell that the team did not have the confidence and swagger that they now have. The team was never as bad as they seemed during the losing streak or as good as they have seemed recently.

Over the long season there will be more ups and downs but I think the Preds have proven to themselves that hey can play with anyone and are indeed destined for the playoffs if they can avoid long term injuries to key players.

Preds-Avs Wrap-up...

Last night's game was a real test against an Avalanche team that is better than I realized before watching the game. Here is our story from last night.

John Glennon has a couple of stories at the Tennessean. In addition to his game story, his note column discusses the streaks and Colin Wilson's play in Milwaukee. John also has a streak comparison at Inside Predators.

Blogger updates on the game come from Forechecker, Paul McCann, What The Puck, See Puck City, and AJ.

For an alternative view from Colorado, Adrien Dater has the story and some post game video.

In Pred Nation...

The whole story on the suit over the naming rights that came out of the blue seemed to be fairly innocuous until the Sommet Group fired back a couple of shots about T-Shirts and David Freeman's IRS tax lien. Here is the latest from the Tennessean.

I was really surprised that the Sommet Group folks actually made a comment on our brief story about the Pred's press release. They seem serious about defending their position. I hope that this doesn't turn into another off-ice distraction that the Predators are becoming famous for.

In Milwaukee, Ads Short Shifts emphatically say that Chet Pickard has taken over the number one goalie position after last night's OT loss.

The has a look at the Preds at the quarter point of the season with input form the guys in the broadcast booth.

In a poll conducted by Dirk Hoag, to no one's surprise, Pekka Rinne was voted the Pred's first quarter MVP.

Ex Pred Ville Koistinen was placed on waivers by the Panthers. So much for the re-match on Friday.

Dan Ellis appeared on the 700 Club this week in a video interview. Here is link to the story that went with the video.

Around the NHL...

In addition to being American Thanksgiving, today is also the birthday of the NHL.

NHL league attendence is down 2% but several teams have been hit much harder.

Last week Ryan at the RLD took a stab at Team USA, this week he gives his prediction for Team Canada.

The hottest topic over the last couple of days has been about the John Bucigross article on Brendan Burke. Puck Daddy has a good followup. He interviews Justin Bourne who got the ball rolling a few weeks back with a USA Today story.

Nick at Let There Be Light (house) has the latest on alternative real estate developers wanting the arena property on Long Island.

More Later...

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