Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Odds and Ends in Pred Land

This has been an odd week and a great time for the Preds to be out of town. Having been down and out with a sinus/ear infection, my creative juices have not been flowing too clearly.

I was really invigorated by a visit to my regular doctor this morning after dealing with a walk in clinic previously. We spent most of the visit talking hockey. She is a New Brunswick native who grew up on HNIC and is an avid hockey fan.

She is headed to Vancouver next month and has tickets to several games highlighted by Canada and Sweden. It's amazing that even when you don't feel well, an unexpected conversation with a fellow passionate hockey fan can put a little extra pep in your step.

We'll be back with our game preview later today.

In Pred Nation...

John Glennon thinks the fire is hotter in Calgary when the Preds are around and has news of more stability with the Pred's coaches. Here's their game at a glance too. He also has news of possible returns for Arnott and Smithson next week.

Bavid Boclair at the City Paper also has an ominous look at tonight's game.

The Calgary Herald covered the Predators Curling outing on Wednesday. It appears that this is popular among other teams too. There is also a video with the story.

Mark has his Friday View including a look at chocolates versus jalapenos. His wisdom is never ending.

Dan Hamhuis has his view of things at Inside Predators and is looking forward to next week's fathers trip.

Preds101 looks at two goalies versus one and has a poll for your thoughts too.

AJ takes a look at tonight's game and other stuff at Pull My Fang Finger.

The Express in Milwaukee has a look at the Bradley Center and events staged there. As you would expect, with a 20 year old facility, there are calls for a new one. This sounds about like Nashville and the Convention Center.

For those in Milwaukee, the Ads are selling "on ice" passes for the Dropkick Murphys show next month. I don't understand that concept but would love to see the show. Would you really wamt to stand on the ice to watch a concert?

Another Tweet from @WBrettWilson: Tomorrow night the #Predators vs the #Flames - my heart is with the Flames, wallet says cheer for the Preds. Wallet wins (Is Kevin my god?) Will Wilson be the new cash cow once the bankruptcy issue is resolved? He would be a great owner and keeps dropping hints.

More Later...

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