Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Team USA Celebration Chant

If you haven't seen this, it is pretty neat to see all the Team USA kids after their big win last night having a big time and feeling their oats. NHL Home Ice has played it a few times today. The comments below the original YouTube post have gotten fairly vicious which is really a shame.

Being from the States, I am pleased for the US kids that won. Had Canada prevailed, I would have been happy for Ryan Ellis, Gabriel Bourque and the other kids that got to experience a big tournament win.

All the folks that have taken insults and trash talk to the extreme do not truly represent what the sport of hockey is all about. If you love the game, regardless of nationality, take a minute or so to appreciate the joy and happiness of a room full of kids full of adrenaline.

Front and center should be the understanding that "Hockey is for Everyone."

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Vintage Leaf said...

Thanks for your thoughtful post on the just-completed World Junior Championships. While I'm sure many Canadians are disappointed that our young men did not continue their gold medal "streak", most of us can appreciate the wonderful accomplishment of the young American side. It is great to see the U.S. squad - any team, for that matter - built on the philosophy of true teamwork. Our Canadian kids did us proud, as well. It's good for the sport that more countries are capable of winning this event. It makes winning all the more significant- and that much more cherished.
Vintage Leaf