Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Preds Get Beat on Ice, Then Again By Travel Company

After a disappointing loss in Columbus last night, the Predators travel company plane added insult to injury by not being ready when they arrived at the airport. The team waited almost two hours on a bus on the tarmac waiting for a customs agent to clear the plane to travel to Tennessee.

My first thought was that the history books have been wrong for the last 145 years or so and that the South was successful in seceding from the North. The reality was that the plane had come from Canada and needed to be released by customs before going further.

The delay led to some interesting Tweets by Tom Callahan, Dan Ellis and Steve Sullivan. The biggest heart breaker was that Sully was going to miss donuts with dad at his kid's school this morning if they didn't get back.

It appears that they did make it back eventually. If you were planning on going to practice at Centennial this morning, you should call ahead to see if it really going to happen.

Preds-Jackets Round-Up...

Here is our game story from last night.

John Glennon has a game story, notes and postgame ponderings.

Jim Diamond's story starts with the jumbled standings where the Preds have fallen to seventh and are only two points ahead of Detroit.

In the Blog arena stories come from Brandon Felder, Forechecker, The View from 111, amd What the Puck, who had a live Blog featuring her friend Bethany from Columbus who writes for Kukla's.

For the Columbus view on the game go to Blue Jackets Extra for complete coverage.

In Pred Nation...

Admirals Short Shifts has the story of the Ads 5-2 loss in Texas last night. It did not sound pretty. The Ads are headed home for a five game home stand. They also have news of a new URL for their site and a link to Eric's podcast appearance with us on Monday night.

Preds101 takes a look at the Pred's deal with Sommet and gives some pluses and minuses on what is known. This is a good evaluation of the situation.

Around the NHL...

Chris Wassel and I combined to produce an NHL Apocalypse posting last summer and now Chris has stated an eight part (at least) series on the Referee Apocalypse with plenty of video to prove his point.

James Mirtle takes a look at what it will take for teams to get into the playoffs based on the standings after Monday's action.

Ryan at the RLD has the top five playoff commodities available.

Georges Laraque responds to his release from the Canadians at his personal blog. Rogers SportsNet has a story indicating Laraque may play in Sweden for free.

Adrian and Chris Nadeau have Episode #38 of the Hockey Zen TV and discuss the question, "Is hockey at a crossroads."

Michell Kenneth points us to Vanity Fair's Olympic hockey coverage which today has some cheesecake photos of Sweden's Hockey Studs. I think we see what to expect from their "coverage". Michelle also has a few not too happy words about the series.

Coming off good ratings last week, Steve Lapore has NBC's press release for this Sunday's Stanley Cup finals rematch. Steve also has the release about the new Versus "Community" web site.

Scott Burnside and Pierre LeBrun have fantasy All-Star teams since there will not be a game this year.

For fans of the green guys in Vancouver, you can follow them on Twitter @TheGreenMen. I wonder if they will be at the Olympics.

More Later...

Buddy Oakes for PredsOnTheGlass

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Chris Nadeau said...

Glad to see the boys still had some humour after being stuck like that. Good way to be.

Thanks for mentioning our last episode in your post. We have had a great conversation around the episode.