Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What Jerred Smithson Said About the Original Alex Burrows Incident in December

The entire basis for the Alexander Burrows- Stephane Auger incident goes back to a call that was made against Jerred Smithson on December 8th in Nashville when Smithson barely hit Burrows and he went down quivering like he had received a serious injury.

The game misconduct was later rescinded from Smithson. In the following clip, starting at the 3:56 mark, you hear what Smithson had to say about the play. Not known for being a dirty player, he was totally surprised with the call.

At 5:17 in, I ask Smithson specifically if it was a direct hit. He indicated that he didn't feel that he got much of him and that it was obvious that he wasn't hurt too badly.

It is no wonder that Auger felt that he was shown up by Burrows on the original play. Should he have voiced his intentions to Burrows yesterday? Certainly not.

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