Thursday, January 7, 2010

Nashville Gets the Big Green Weenie

With days of forecasts of impending bad weather that started out with crippling forecasts of 4-6" and was downgraded to about an inch yesterday, I awoke this morning to dry ground and a few blowing flurries.

My friend, Don Poston, who is a weather man (think Nick Cage in the Weatherman) calls this "the big green weenie." Unfortunately, the one time he used that on air, it was under appreciated by the TV producer.

After years of hearing Don say that Murfreesboro Road was "glazed over by the Krispy Kreeme" at the first sign of snow and watching Don walk by scared Tennesseans saying very loudly "the really big stuff is starting to move in, we'll get at least 8-10" I have a much better appreciation for his weather humor.

I'm sure if you live in Buffalo or Edmonton none of this makes any sense. But down here, at the first sign of flurries, the whole town shuts down and everyone goes to the store for bread, milk and eggs. There is no snow on the road anywhere in the area this morning and here is the school closing map. Most closed yesterday based on the forecast.

Basically, you get the picture of why Nashville is a "non-traditional (hockey) market."

In Pred Nation...

Slow news day for the Preds it appears so John Glennon writes about not stepping on the Preds Logo in the dressing room. My Buddy Dirk Hoag likes to say "put it on the ceiling if you don't want it stepped on." In his notes he also discussed the "weather related" recall of Ben Guite. There is also the always favorite "game at a glance" feature for tonight's match with Carolina.

David Shoalts at the Globe and Mail has a surprisingly decent take on the Pred's financial situation and indicates that the escape clause could be pushed out a few years.

Jim Diamond wraps up the Junior World Championships with a rundown of what Pred prospects did at the tourney.

Short Shifts has a brief update on the Guite recall and we had the press release on it too.

AJ analyzes the Pred's second period woes with Tuesday's loss to Calgary as the impetus.

Point2Point takes a look at the Pred's second half of the season.

Chris Burton talks with a Carolina Hurricanes blogger about what to expect in tonight's game.

Kelly at Pred's Fanantic checks in on Ryan Suter's Olympic selection.

Around the NHL...

The worst five NHL teams ever? Here's Adrian Dater's choices.

Puck report projects what will be needed to make the playoffs in each conference. His numbers sow 104 points in the West and 84 in the East will be needed to be in the top eight. Has there been this big a disparity in conferences at any point since the original six became twelve teams?

Ex-Pred Darren Haydar was named the AHL Player of the Decade by The Hockey News. He has played 22 NHL games and holds virtually every AHL offensive record in the booms having played 531 games in eight seasons. I am amazed that he has never made it to the NHL.

Fenway Park's ice is not done yet. Boston College practiced there yesterday for Friday's big game. Tim Rosenthal has the story and video from the post practice presser.

Matt Reitz writes about the Life Cycle of NHL Coaches. Is Hitch next on the list? They are up to episode four on their podcast. Check it out.

Kukla's has the story of a seven year old beating cancer and returning to the ice.

As cold as it has been here, it is even more unusual for it to freeze in Cocoa, Florida. Here are some interesting pictures of ice on the plants at a nursery.

More Later...

Buddy Oakes for PredsOnTheGlass

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