Tuesday, April 12, 2011

NHL Entry Draft Drawing Tonight at 7 P.M. CDT on Versus Network and TSN

The 2011 NHL Entry Draft will be held on June 24-25 at the Ecel Energy Center in Minnesota. Tonight at 7. p.m CDT on the Versus Network in the US and TSN in Canada the draft order of the 14 non-playoff teams will be set. It will also be streamed live on NHL.com.

Teams can move up only four places in the draft so only the top five actually have a shot at the number one pick. Conversely, ano club can fall more than one position.

After the jump you will see the list of a team's percent chances of a team getting pulled first...

Edmonton     25.0%
Colorado     18.8%
Florida      14.2%
NY Islanders     10.7%
Ottawa     8.1%
Atlanta     6.2%
Columbus     4.7%
New Jersey     3.6%
Boston (from TOR)     2.7%
Minnesota     2.1%
Colorado (conditional/optional from STL)     1.5%
Carolina     1.1%
Calgary     0.8%
Dallas     0.5%

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