Thursday, April 14, 2011

POTG Thursday Headlines and Morning Links

Here are today' links and headlines from the world of the Predators and the rest of the NHL. We will have a separate post with a morning after look at last night's Predators 4-1 victory over the Ducks shortly.

First up after the jump is yesterday's RLD Radio with E J Hradek from NHL LIve and ESPN...

Programming Note...

This week we had a double dose of RLD Radio with Tuesday's Western Conference Preview with Craig Custance from The Sporting News and yesterday's Eastern Conference Preview with E.J. Hradek of NHL Live and ESPN. Click the player below to hear the  the East preview.

Listen to internet radio with Ryan Porth on Blog Talk Radio

In Pred Nation...

David Boclair had pregame notes from yesterday.

Josh Cooper had his pregame notes from yesterday. Mike Fisher has bad memories of Ottawa being eliminated in the 2007 finals at the Honda Center.

There is a new edition of the 303:30 to set the stage for the playoffs and the awards. Ryan Porth is Jeremy's special guest. He also has a post on five Preds that need to prove themselves in the playoffs.

The View from 111 has handed out the first "Hattie" of the year to a most deserving recipient. He aso thinks he saw a sign in a photo from three years ago. Finally, he offers his first round wisdom.

Mark Hollingsworth shows up just in time for the playoffs with a guide to about 100 hockey terms for Nashvillians.

J.R. Lind chips in about why the Ducks suck at The Nashville Scene. This is in response to the Trashville post out of the OC on Tuesday. Jeff Miller really stirred up the local creative juices with his hack piece and then followed with another shot at our internet coming by "mule train."

J P Hoonstara has a story about Jon Blum's last visit to the Honda Center.

Her is last night's SlapShot Radio with Jeff Marek, Mark Willoughby and Dirk Hoag.

Friday is Playoff Pride Day for the Predators who ask you to "Stand With Us."

One of the newest Pred fans, Adrian Dater, makes his picks for the Preds and Ducks. He also picks the rest of the Western Conference at SI.

It's scary that the Globe and Mail have bees showing so much love for the Predators and it continues in the Little Team that Could.

On the Duck Pond...

J.P. Hoonstra had the pregame story before last night's game.

The Ducks called up eight players from AHL Syracuse who failed to make the playoffs so they could continue to practice.

The Ducks fear the Predators making them sing the blues.

Around the NHL...

TSN Radio is live and on the air.Click here to go to the live player.

Ryan Kennedy ranks the top ten prospects for the 2011 NHL Entry Draft.

Ryan Porth and Patrick Hoffman face off over who this year's Cinderella will be.

Kevin Allen has 10 questions about the playoffs including an important one about the Predators.

Jay Feaster confirms that Jerome Iginla isn't going anywhere.

Brad Kurtzberg looks at the biggest obstacle of each of the 16 playoff teams.

In the midst of the Coyotes preparing to play Detroit, a report surfaced saying that the team was leaving town at the end of the playoffs. The NHL's Bill Daly denied any truth to the report. Bob McKenzie adds his two cents.

Chris Pronger is said to be a game time decision tonight for the Flyers against Buffalo. Whether he plays or not, he is doing a good job of deflecting attention from his teammates.

Here's an interesting tidbit from @reporterchris: The AHL will reduce its season to 76 games next season, making it so that no team has to play four times in five days. The first round of next year's AHL playoffs will also be best-of-five. Admirals Roundtable has more detail on the changes.

Steve Lapore has the story of why the NHL Network hopes to be successful with their new programming.

RIP to's stable of writers. As of yesterday they were all gone "like a vapor" according to Adrian Dater.

Bad news for the Preds - fourth seeds are 22-10 since 1994.

Vintage Leaf Memories looks at their best night as a Leaf's fan. It was a while back.

Here are 30 playoff dopplegangers for your your entertainment.

More Later...

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