Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday's Headlines and Morning Round-Up

Today, we venture into a little different format, separating our lead story of the morning from our daily news and links post. With he new layout of the meaty part of the site, it has made it easier to break up the posts into more focused articles.

After the jump, you will find updates about our RLD Radio show, Predators and Ducks links, a bevy of playoff predictions from the hockey world, NHL News, and several Odds and Ends that you don't want to miss on the 50th anniversary of man's first flight into space.

Programming Note...

Today on RLD Radio, Ryan Porth has lined up Craig Custance from The Sporting News to join us as we preview the Western Conference playoffs. Join us at noon Central. Tomorrow at noon we will preview the Eastern Conference.

In Pred Nation...

The City Paper is sending David Boclair to Anaheim to cover the Preds first round. David has a story about this being Mike Fisher's favorite time of the year.

Ryan Porth has his look at the Preds-Ducks for Inside Hockey.

Amanda DiPaolo has her preview of the first round Preds match.

Jeremy Gover has his Preds-Ducks preview at Section 303.

The Predators had their official release with everything fans need to know about the opening series.

Teresa Walker has a good piece about Pekka Rinne's second trip to the playoffs.

Bryan Mullen looks at balanced scoring as opposed to top line scoring.

Rachel at What the Puck breaks down why the Predators will win this year.

David Climer has a rare column about the Predators.

Josh Cooper reports that Marty Erat will play in game one.

Robby at HNIN has his first round predictions.

Marc Torrence puts the burden on Pekka Rinne to lead the Preds.

David Singleton says that now is the time for Barry Trotz to win the Jack Adams Award.

Fang Finger Fevers has a post about the 303 trip to St. Louis over the weekend.

It was made official at a presser in Baltimore yesterday -  @SergeyKocharov: Caps to play preseason game vs Nashville on Sept 20 at 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore.

Admirals Roundtable hands out their end of year awards.

Duck Pond News...

Ray Emery has a ways to go to be able to play.

Dan Ellis will get the start on Wednesday. He claims he is ready for the Preds.

Monday's Ducks Practice Notes.

Around the NHL...

The NHL released it's final rankings for the 2011 NHL Entry Draft.

It's no surprise that Puck Daddy rates the Preds-Ducks as the least compelling first round series.

Ducks goalie Dan Ellis was the NHL's third star of the week.Thomas Vanek and Vinny Lecavalier were the first two.

Todd Richards was relieved of his duties in Minnesota as the coaches continue to parade to the exit in the post-season.

Patrick Hoffman has the top five players under pressure in the playoffs this year. Pekka Rinne is number six.

Ryan Porth looks at costly losses for non playoff teams.

Michael Farber hands out his NHL Awards with some Pred love.

Here is the full list of Masterton nominees for each team other than the Rangers who chose not to participate. It's hard to predict a clear cut favorite.

Steve Lapore has the spin from NBC/Versus on their playoff coverage.

Goalie expert writer Heather Galindo got to face the Houston Aeros in net and relates her experience. Good Stuff!

Here is a podcast featuring our friend Michael Langlois of Vintage Leaf Memories talking about the season that was for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Even though Shawn Lavigne left XM to go to TSN, his legacy will be Mick Kern's list of twenty facts.

Playoff Picks and Previews...

The RLD Staff makes their playoff picks.

The Hockey News has their complete round one playoff preview. They lose credibility by not giving Barry Trotz the coaching nod against Anaheim.

USA Today has a huge panel choosing award win ers and playoff predictions.

Adrian Dater reveals his new love for the Preds with his first round picks.

From @Proteautype: My 1st round picks: Van in 6, S.J. in 6, Det in 7, Nashville in 6; Wash in 5, Philly in 6, Boston in 7, Pittsburgh in 6.

@Real_ESPNLeBrun: My first-round picks: Caps, Sabres, Bruins, Pens; Canucks, Ducks, Sharks, Wings.

Chris Botta has his picks at New York Times Slapshot.

Odds and Ends...

Today marks the 50th Anniversary of man's first trip into space. A free film is available called "First Orbit" to commemorate the occasion. It was produced by using original footage and voice combined with material from the International Space Station. This is a must see for anyone interested in space exploration or history.

Today is also the 30th Anniversary of the first space shuttle flight and the final resting place for the final two shuttles will be announced today. The Smithsonian already is getting one. The Enterprise that was at the Smithsonian and never went into space will also find a new home.

J.R. Lind has a really interesting story about a mix of baseball and real estate on Stewart's Ferry Pike.

Will Ferrell explains how he ended up on The Office as Michael's temporary replacement.Here's another post about who is in the in the running for the permanent job.

More Later...

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