Tuesday, December 13, 2011

POTG Predators Seven Stories: No More Loud Commercials Edition

  1. Ryan Porth talks with Frankie Bouillon to preview tonight's Predators contest with Calgary.
  2. The Canadian Press gives glowing reviews to Jerome Iginla and the Calgary Flames' recent play. Tonight's game with the Preds should be a good test for both teams if they are in top form.
  3. David Boclair thinks he is seeing the Sergei Kostitsyn of  late 2010 all over again.
  4. Mike Organ looks at the Predators' increased success on the man advantage and the changes that brought on the improvement.
  5. Dirk Hoag has a more in depth look at the driving forces behind the improvement with all the facts and figures to explain the difference.
  6. Paul McCann answers a few interesting questions from England in his mailbag. How do they hear the Nashville being a "franchise in trouble" all the way over there?
  7. Today's version of 15 years in 15 days of Bridgestone Arena moves up to 2009 and features a video interview with Chaz Corzine, a music professional who lives in Middle Tennessee.

The FCC is expected to pass legislation today that will go into effect next year that will limit the average volume of commercials to the same level as the programs that they accompany.

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Zack Bennett said...

A tad bit too late for the stupid Guns & Roses commercial...

Jay Lo said...

I’m happy to hear that the FCC is stepping up to make a change on the outrageous commercial volume. I don’t know what took so long to get them to fix this? I know that the FCC is not the only one concerned about this. The Hopper from DISH has the TruVolume technology that will prevent annoying volume levels. DISH has stepped up the game with the Hopper the ultimate DVR. I’m happy that I will be able to record all the 4 major networks (Prime Time Anytime) every night. I never have to pick and choose and I can use my Sling adapter connected to the Hopper to access my DVR shows anywhere I go. Another first is the fact that Pandora and Facebook apps will be available; this will let me listen to music as well as chat with all my friends. I know I will enjoy my employee service even more and I’m so excited for the release.