Friday, September 3, 2010

POTG Travelogue Visits San Francisco, Deadline Day 2.0, and Friday Findings

One of the more unique places that I have been that is is San Francisco, offering an urban setting with interesting neighborhoods that is surrounded by natural beauty.

With very limited time in the Bay Area, we were only able to check out a few things so this is not meant to be an all inclusive tip sheet. I do plan on going back for a long weekend next month to see more.

The best known site is the Golden Gate Bridge which is very hard to comprehend in pictures. It is far larger in person than a hillbilly from Tennessee would expect.

There are many interesting neighborhoods and areas of the city that vary greatly when traveling only a few blocks. The pier area is totally different than the hills with the cable cars, yet they are only a mile apart.

We enjoyed checking out Chinatown but the "authentic" Chinese food was not as appetizing as what we get at the carry-out here in the backwoods. The Castro district was also interesting and was a must see since we enjoyed the movie "Milk" so much when it came out.

We also checked out the corner of Haight and Ashbury, where we were really disappointed to see a bunch of high dollar residences instead of a bunch of hippies hitting the bong. They did have a Ben and Jerry's on one corner to at least have a hint of the hippie world.

Golden Gate Park is overwhelming with all the stuff there is to do. Unfortunately, we saw little of it on the last trip. We plan to spend time there next time and also to eat at The Cliff House on the ocean which looks like a lot of fun.

One of the more surprising places that you will find is Muir Woods, which is just across the Golden Gate Bridge. It is filled with giant Redwoods which are old and tall. These should not be confused with Sequoia trees which are old and fatter.

There are many sporting events in the city with the Giants playing at ATT Park and the 49ers playing in Candlestick. At a Giant's game, if you don't like the action on the field, there is plenty to watch in the harbor as there are all sizes and kinds of boats and plenty of folks just past the right field bleachers hoping to recover a home run ball from the water.

There are plenty of other things to do in San Francisco that we simply did not have time to do. There are harbor tours of all lengths that go to Alcatraz, under the bridges, and many other points of interest.

If you ever get the chance to go to San Francisco, I would certainly recommend a longer trip than the two days that we had. That is just enough to whet your appetite and make you want to go see it all over again.

Programming note...

We are pleased to have the new Tennessean Pred's beat writer Josh Cooper joining us for a special holiday edition of POTG Radio on Monday night at 7 p.m. Central.

In Pred Nation...

Ryan Porth spoke with Colin Wilson yesterday and expectations are high for the coming season. Here is the interview.

Here is the Pred's preseason camp schedule that everyone has been waiting for.

Josh Cooper met up with Blake and Danny Geoffrion and picked up a few quotes heading into the pre-season. Ryan Thang is staying at the Geoffrion house during camp.

On the flip side, Dirk Hoag interviews Josh Cooper in a preview of a few things that we will discuss on Monday's POTG Radio.

Forechecker found this story yesterday that discusses the potential of Pred prospect Ryan Ellis changing teams if he goes back to Juniors. After winning two straight Memorial Cups with Windsor, a change of scenery might be good.

David Legwand is featured at On The Forecheck today in their season preview series.

Mark Willoughby has his weekly My View column posted. Congrats to Mark on his Gamecocks having a big opening night win last night against Southern Mississippi.

Jim Diamond has his take on yesterday's ownership completion.

Preds trivia from @JulieRobenhymer: Wade Belak was at a historic Civil War battlefield shooting an episode of Wade's World for @FSNTennessee yesterday, but today he's skating.

Japers Rink has an analysis of the South East Division's Top Ten Goaltenders. Three of the top five are ex-Predators with Vokoun at 1, Mason at 2, and Ellis at 3.

PHT has the story of what Antero Niittymaki and Thomas Greiss has to say about the Antti Niemi acquisition.

Kovi's Korner...

AM Update - From @DarrenDreger: Good discussions Thurs between NHL and PA, but no settlement. Kovy deal is tied to this, so postponement today seems likely at this point.

With another "deadline" today at 5 p.m. Eastern, no one really knows if the Kovalchuk matter will be resolved or if the NHL and NHLPA will continue to try to negotiate an early deal prior to the CBA being re-done in two years. Puck Daddy had a post yesterday about Donald Fehr appearing to be somewhat removed from the process.

Elliotte Friedman has a few thoughts on the Kovalchuk situation and does not recommend that the NHL try to have a second arbitration that they most likely would lose.

Michelle Kenneth is growing weary of the Kovalchuk saga and feels that the NHLPA is out-manned at this point. Here is her "director's cut" addition.

Justin Bourne doesn't feel that the NHL can void any older contracts and uses the "killing a butterfly" reference from the movie "A Sound of Thunder." I liked that movie.

Intent to Blow discovers the real reason that the Kovalchuk signing has drawn out as long as it has. There is always a conspiracy involved. They also look back to the first of the year and it is surprising how many of their made up posts have come true.

Around the NHL...

Larry Brooks reports that Donald Fehr was not confirmed for an NHLPA position at a Wednesday conference call among all 30 player reps. The Puck Daddy piece above appears to refute some of this.

In Boston, GM Peter Chiarelli claims he has no knowledge about the Marc Savard contract investigation will end. Savard's agent, Larry Kelly, is not pleased with the situation.

It must be time to get serious since Carey Price finally signed. Here is the audio from the conference call.

Our friend, Launy "The" Schwartz was accused of asking "Fan Goalie" questions during the Price conference call by Tony Marinaro of the Team 990 in Montreal. As a result of a Twitter exchange, Launy will be a guest with Marinaro this morning at 9:45. Here is Launy's story on the Price signing at Hockey 54 which is the best you will see.

Rebekah Sanders has more on the latest potential owner in Phoenix, Matthew Hulsizer. The Glendale City Council will receive a briefing on Tuesday.

Matt Reitz will begin one of his larger annual projects which is a thirty team preview of the coming season with a local writer's input for each team. It runs Monday, Wednesday and Friday for each of the next two weeks.

The Lester Patrick Award recipients were announced yesterday. Cam Neely, Jack Parker, Jerry York, and AHL President David Andrews will be honored at a dinner in Boston in October.

Lyle Richardson takes a look at a few needs on certain teams heading in to training camps.

Episode 68 is up at Kingscast as the summer winds down. They are always good.

Blades of Funny has an assortment of news but none more important that the creation of "Fart Day". Very creative children has he.

Odds and Ends...

From the baseball world, Max St. Pierre made the big leagues after 14 years in the minor leagues. This is one of those stories that are fun to read. It's good to see that it wasn't about the money.

It's never too early to plan ahead for this year's "Talk Like a Pirate" Day on September 19. Start planning now.

More Later...

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