Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rob Higgins' Hockey Fantasy Index Hits the Shelves Today

Fantasy hockey guru, Rob Higgins' new book, Hockey Fantasy Index hits the shelves across Canada and becomes available at Amazon in the States today.

Rob is well known as XM Home Ice's fantasy expert appearing weekly on his show with James "Boomer" Gordon each Friday. He also has a regular column that appears in the Toronto Sun. In his spare time, he is the leader of Canadian band, Dearly Beloved.

This book has almost 500 pages of every kind of information you would need as you prepare for the upcoming hockey fantasy season. Higgins has developed his own ratings to analyze and predict what players will do and their value to their team.

Higgins explains his system, "I introduce two stats of my own ... HFI and RV. Both are driven by the numbers the players produce and are per-game, rate-based perspectives that reflect a player's value in terms of the stat categories kept by the NHL and used in the majority of fantasy leagues."

It's not just a fantasy book as it has something for all hockey fans. "It's a pretty huge book and I can honestly say that's it's so loaded with fact-driven information that it's an interesting read for a hockey fan, whether they're into gaming or not."

One thing that he does in the book that is very interesting is applying his rating system to members of the NHL's 1000 point club to see who would have been top fantasy produces from the years before fantasy was even dreamed about. The results might surprise you.

The book also has a section with articles from all thirty NHL teams with local writers providing stories for each team. In full disclosure, I have to admit to writing the chapter on the Predators. I wouldn't let that fact discourage you from checking out the book as there are also contributions from Puck Daddy, Greg Wyshynski, ex-Leaf Asst Gm Bill Watters and Hockey Night in Canada personality and Hall Of Fame writer Scott Morrison.

In Canada, you should be able to find the book almost anywhere. In the United States, the best way to get it is at Amazon.com. Follow this link to get your copy.

We have arranged for Rob to appear on the September 20th edition of PredsOntheGlass Radio and we will plan to take questions from the audience to get your fantasy questions answered. Also, feel free to email me in advance if you want your question asked during the show.

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