Monday, January 18, 2010

Team Canada's World Jr. Captain Patrice Cormier Faces Suspension

Team Canada's World Jr. Captain and Devil's prospect Patrice Cormier enhanced his reputation as a dirty player with a elbow to the head hit on Quebec's Mikael Tam in a game from the weekend.

Here is a translated article about the incident from the Quebec Soleil.

There are moments where hockey is secondary! This is not the victory 3-2 in a shootout Quebec Remparts at the expense of Rouyn-Noranda held the attention yesterday afternoon, but the health of Mikael Tam, victim of elbow vicious Patrice Cormier in overtime.

Slyly hit in the face by the master of the latest Canadian junior team, which came out of his bench, Tam collapsed on the ice and came into convulsions. Under the supervision of athletic therapist, Philip Done, it was quickly put on a stretcher to take him to the hospital.

Tam, who had regained consciousness before climbing aboard the ambulance with Martin Laperriere, also lost two teeth in the incident. Cormier, he was expelled on the spot for attempted injury, his gesture throwing a heavy silence inside the arena, Dave Keon, where few people have also lost consciousness following the incident.

"I do not know how many years it is that I am in hockey, but I've never seen a scene as well. Seriously, I had the dog. I am furious but also worried. I hope the league will put its pants and it will suspend for life, "said head coach Patrick Roy about Cormier, and this, after taking several minutes to learn the state of his player before talking with reporters.

In a warm up for the World Juniors against Sweden Cormier took out a Swede with an elbow to the face in a similar play.

Here is the TSN page on Cormier from their World Junior Coverage.

In our opinion, in spite of the skill that Cormier possesses, the hockey world needs to stop this player now before he continues on his one man path of destruction and injures someone more seriously in the future.

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Mike Wyman said...

Ouch. That hit is probably actionable in America.

The kid was convulsing like he was having a grand mal seizure after he hit the ice. Frightening.

On a lighter note, I loved the way the auto-translator handled Quebecois idiom.

"I had the dog" - In French, where everything has a gender the expresion refers to a female canine.

Best polite English equivalent I can think of off the top of my head is "I was so scared that I soiled myself"

Rille_28 said...

Cornier is such a disgrace for hockey, and what makes things worse is when his teammates says "he had no intention to hurt anyone" !?!?

This is the third time in a very short time he does the samething. To a Swede and a Finn i Junior hockey World Championship. He is just out on the ice to hurt people.

Suspend him for minimum of two seasons and press criminal charges to him for those assults