Friday, August 19, 2011

POTG Friday Headlines, News, and Links

Big news was on two fronts in the last 24 hours. The NHL Research and Development camp wrapped up with an NHL skills competition and the NHL National TV schedule was released and the Preds got the shaft (as usual).

The best media coverage of the NHL TV schedule is from Steve Lapore at Puck the Media. Dirk Hoag has a great breakdown of who's in and who isn't.

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In Pred Nation...

Tom Callahan has a thoughtful piece on the NHL Substance Abuse Program.

The daily spotlight shines on Kevin Klein as Smashville 24/7 runs through the roster with player previews.

Predatorial takes a look at Patrick Hornqvist's toughness in front of the net.

Dirk Hoag has the ninth most exciting moment of the Predator's post season.

Jeremy Gover has part two of his look at the Predators' forwards.

Mark Willoughby's My View is more on target every week as we see the the US economy go further south.

Patten Fuqua shoots a hole in the theory that two goal lead being the most dangerous in hockey.

In the midst of the NHL TV schedule release, the AHL released its 2011-12 schedule. Here is a breakdown of the Admirals schedule.

Mike Fisher did an interview with the 700 Club yesterday that will air in September.

Research and Development Camp...

The areas of change most likely to for this season are the size of the net, the 'verification" line, and replacements of stanchions with curved glass near the benches.

Puck Daddy has a few trick shots from the kids at the R and D camp.

Nick Cotsonika discusses that summer camp is fun for the NHL brass.

Around the NHL...

The Phoenix Business Journal has now reported that the latest mystery buyer for the Phoenix Coyotes is ex-Sharks president and CEO Greg Jamison

TMZ reported that "NHL Badass" Sean Avery will not face charges from his run in with police in California last week.

There was a huge blow to the Devils having a quick start when top center Travis Zajac went down with an achilles injury and is expected to miss a month or two after emergency surgery.

Will Jeremy Roenick to be the American Don Cherry after signing a five year deal with NBC.

RLD Hockey takes a look at all the unknowns in the Northwest Division.

The Islanders' viewing party this Friday will not have the original fight-marred game as the centerpiece as MSG will now air a game from a few days later where Michael Grabner has a hat trick.

Michael Langlois looks a the top issues that the Leafs are facing in camp this year.

Guilty Pleasures looks at the the Hockey Broad.

The number 12 picks are out at The Hockey News.

There will be a public funeral service for Rick Rypien this Saturday at the arena in Blairmore, Alberta.

On an even sadder note, A Day in the Life of a Hockey Wife is asking for prayers for a three year old with leukemia.

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