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POTG Wednesday Headlines, News, and Links: R and D Camp Opens Today

Real live hockey players will hit the ice this morning in Toronto as the second NHL Research and Development Camp opens for a two day run.

Here is a separate post with the rosters, complete player profile, details on the variations to be tested, as well as the rules for Thursday's All-Star Skills Competition. All documents are printable and downloadable.

The NHL Network will carry a "That's Hockey" wrap up show tonight and tomorrow at 6 p.m. CDT with news from the days events and more.

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In Pred Nation...

This morning's Daria themed NHL Preview of the Nashville Predators at Hell on Ice has humor provide by Kevin Sellathamby and Predator content submitted by me. It's up to the reader to determine which is which.

Adrian Dater broke all the suspense for the Hockey New's daily countdown when he announced that THN had picked the Washington Capitals to go the whole way and that the Preds were picked eighth in the west by beating out the Avs for the last playoff position. Here is another leak that has the Rangers in seventh place behind Pittsburgh and Philadelphia in the Atlantic.

Here is an updated picture from the big $181,000 check presentation but the Preds at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital yesterday.

Dirk Hoag's morning piece has an audio clip from Brent Peterson discussing how important a positive attitude is in dealing with his Parkinson's disease on a daily basis.

J.R. Lind confirmed the switch of 102.5 to a sports format where the Predator games will be heard this year. I tried repeatedly to get "The Game's" signal today and it just doesn't reach Columbia on my car radio. Thank heavens for NHL Home Ice on XM Radio.

Smashville 24/7 previews Shea Weber's upcoming season.

Predatorial makes a case for the Predators to consider Andrei Kostitsyn as an acquisition.

NBC Sports has a rare feature piece, that is not on PHT, comparing The Predators to the Atlanta Thrashers. It is an interesting look by Jon Palmieri from an outside perspective.

Amanda DiPaolo's child that she birthed over a year ago, Predlines, has been revived by Dan Bradley with a couple of new posts.

Amanda can now be found at her own independent site, Inside Smashville. She has spent the last couple of months back home replenishing her inner Canadian and we have really missed her.

Ex-Pred Ryan Jones had a thrilling summer of outdoor adventures.

Around the NHL...

This is not as classic as the original but the fact they these guys got Jeremy Roenick to reenact the classic "make Gretzky's head belled" scene from Swingers is pretty cool.

Here is a screwy situation. Bill Daly is bashing the Islanders for having a watch party for a reply of last February's fight marred game against the Penguins. If it is that bad, why let them broadcast it to begin with?

Senshot rates the top ten NHL goalie tandems and obviously has meager appreciation for the Preds' duo.

Our friend Tab Bamford from Committed Indians has a better take on Western Conference goalies.

Aaron Wood has an audio clip with Mike Sunnucks of the Phoenix Business Journal about the potential of the Coyotes new ownership.

It's definitely the offseason when you have all thirty NHL teams converted to soccer jerseys.

Yesterday's guest on RLD Hockey Talk, Justin Bourne discusses the competitive nature of summer shinny.

Michael Langlois accesses where the Maple Leaf's leadership will come from.

The Hockey News prediction countdown is up to number 14 which is bad news for Florida and Phoenix.

Jeff Marek has a roundup of Tweets from NHLers on the passing of  Rick Rypien.

Here's another one from ex-Pred and former teammate @ShaneOBrien55: My Thoughts and Prayers are with the Rypien Family... The world lost a good one in Ryper... Great teammate and even better friend.

Guess who is in the first picture of the worst hockey promotions ever at Houses of the Hockey.

The latest version of Puck Daddy's Guilty Pleasures is Dave Lozo, one of the witty guys.

Here's something to look forward to from @NHLschuylerb: The @NHL will release the 2011-12 national TV schedules Thursday afternoon at 2 p.m. ET.  Check out for all the news

Odds and Ends...

The Dawn spacecraft has officially started its exploration of the asteroid Vesta where it will spend a year before moving on to Ceres. What an odd space rock.

Facebook and Yahoo have teamed up to test the six degrees of separation theory with the Small World Experiment. I signed up to find someone and also to be found. The person they assigned to me was in Berlin and I happen to have a Facebook friend there so that was my first degree choice. I am also waiting to be found. Sign up and be a part of it.

It pays to Tweet at Detroit's casinos. You could get cookies in your room.

Sports Pickle has a fun look at Bleacher Report's "honest new design."

More Later...

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