Friday, August 5, 2011

POTG Friday Headlines, News, and Links: The Calm after the Storm

Now that the Shea Weber verdict is out, I have a feeling that we will head for a fairly quiet period on the news front in Smashville. We have about six weeks until camp and it was made clear prior to the conference call on Tuesday that there would be no one on ones or radio interviews after the call.

That is probably the best for David Poile and Shea Weber at this point that everyone has plenty of time to focus on other things for a while before all come together again at preseason camp.

Short of the potential of a few minor tweaks, I think that the Predators will head to camp with what they have and see how things look at that time. They have the financial flexibility to add a player or two if the terms are in the team's favor but there is not a whole lot out there for the pickings at this time.

Make the jump for today's news and links as we finally made it to the end of another work week...

Programming Note...

Thanks to Scott Lewis and the guys at Houses of the Hockey at The for having me on to talk Predators yesterday. You can find the podcast here.

In Pred Nation...

Josh Cooper has an historical comparison of David Poile's handling of Scott Stevens in 1990 and Shea Weber currently.

AJ in Nashville has part two of his tough love look at the Weber situation.

Ryan Porth looks  at questions galore in Pred Nation.

Jeremy Gover chronicles the rollercoaster offseason for the Preds this summer.

Dirk Hoag had a variety of late day links on Thursday including some KHL fight action.

Mark Willoughby bemoans the mess our economy is in among other things in his weekly "My View." I'm glad he is watching my investments for me.

Paul McCann seems relieved after listening to the Poile-Weber presser.

Jeff Marek makes an astute observation that the Predators are auditioning for Shea Weber.

Jas Faulkner has an episode of "The Departed" in Nashville as she pays tribute to those not returning.

WacKY Hockey is optimistic about the Preds' situation.

Around the NHL...

Matt Reitz picks up all the pieces from the aftermath of the mix of politics and sports on Long Island after Monday's failed attempt to finance a new arena.

Luke Schenn talks about working out with Shea Weber and both wanting new contracts. has a nice piece on Gary Suter getting the call to the US Hockey HOF.

Puck Daddy looks at a variety of ideas on the Drew Doughty contract after the Weber signing.

Owen Nolan wants to make a return to the NHL and the Canucks are giving him a chance.

Something you don't hear about much in Tennessee is the billet system of families hosting junior players for the season. Here is a nice piece calling for a few more families in Moncton.

Icethetics has an alleged leaked design of the Isles new third jersey.

Scotty Wazz also checks in on the Ottawa heritage design that I missed while on vacation.

While on the jersey topic, Mayor's Manor gets the real scoop on the Kings' jersey design.

The Florida Panthers are creating a "Red Zone" for die-hard fans that sounds like they are trying to create a "Section 303" type area at the BAC.

Down Goes Brown sets the time machine for 1994 to revisit the Joe Bowen Rap.

Odds and Ends...

Some scientists are making a case that the Earth used to have two moons.

Nashville author Phil Scearce's new book, "Finish Forty and Home: The Untold Story of B-24's in the Pacific" is number one on the hot list in Aviation History. If you buy a copy he will send you an autographed face plate.

More Later...

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