Monday, August 15, 2011

POTG Monday Headlines, News and Links

Good Monday Morning! We are one week closer to the opening of preseason camp and we will even have the distraction of the Research and Development Camp on Wednesday and Thursday this week to keep us going.

Congrats to the Nashville RollerGirls who has a big 143-112 come from behind win in their bout against Carolina on Saturday night. Due to the massive renovation project at our house that has to be completed before hockey season, I was unable to attend.

My weekend highlight remains seeing "The Help." I'm not sure how strong the appeal of the movie is outside of the "Old South" but it really had special meaning to me bringing back so many memories of the special bond I had (and have) with Ozell (our "Help"), who helped raise me. With both parents dead, she remains the one link I have to my childhood today. She loves to tell the story of how I "saved her life" every time we went for a walk as a toddler whenever a car drove by.

Now that we have discussed everything else, make the jump for today's news and links...

In Pred Nation...

Larry Brooks has details of the Shea Weber Arbitration verdict, Puck Daddy also adds commentary to the new information. You have to admit that Keith Yandle and Dustin Byfuglien are not good comparables for Shea Weber.

Robby Stanley has a tribute to two great Predators J.P. Dumont and Steve Sullivan who have departed. He also makes a case that Kevin Klein could be the most important Pred this year.

Robby was also this week's subject of Ryan Porth's Blogger's Row "Getting to know Bloggers Row."

Marin Gelinas is a special asset to the Predators' organization and a role model for the young prospects.

David Shoalts looks at future Preds owner W. Brett Wilson's new TV show as a solution to the Phoenix ownership issue.

Around the NHL...

NHL Home Ice's Josh Rimer reports that Sidney Crosby will not be ready for the start of the season. Rob Rossi expects to learn more today

RLD's Saturday faceoff is all about the NHL's Olympic participation in 2014..

Litter Box Cats has the ultimate analysis of this season's free agent signings looking at all thirty teams.

Kevin Allen puts Ryan Suter at the top of next Summer's UFA class and suggests that Pekka Rinne sign a long term deal with the Predators due to the volatility of the goalie market.

The Hot List replaced a Canucks fan with a Bruins fan for a before and after look at game seven of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Scott Hannan looks to be a good pick-up for the Calgary Flames.

Michael Leighton is unsure where he fits into the picture with the Flyers. That is an understatement.

PHT has been doing a series of 'bargain contracts" by division. Here is the one for the Central.

Puck Daddy takes a look at ESPN's organizational rankings an the oddities that they contains.

The Copper and Blue analyzes whether the Oilers really need a new arena.

The Devils may be over-extended on their 50 man roster.

Nikolai Khabibulin is halfway through his 30 day sentence for DUI at Tent City in Arizona.

The Stanley Cup continues its odyssey with the Boston Bruins, covering five countries over the offseason.

Julie Robenhymer offers her thoughts on who impressed at the Team USA Junior camp at Lake Placid.

It looks like "The Fighting Sioux" have given in to the forces of political correctness and will change the name. How is it that the Seminole Tribe aren't offended and are actual honored by the Florida State nickname and other tribes want to raise a stink?

The Hockey Wife is back in Germany and telling her story. This is one of the more insightful blogs that I follow.

While Mike Comrie is on the mend, he seems to have had enough time to get his bride, Hilary Duff, pregnant as they are now expecting a child at some point.

Odds and Ends...

Teachers and students communicating on social sites is becoming a concern for many. A new law in Missouri will take effect that bans any contact.

The next generation Mars rover that will be as big as a Mini-Cooper will land there next August if things go as planned and should be a major upgrade from the Spirit and Opportunity rovers.

I have put off seeing the documentary "Exit Through the Gift Shop" on Netflix for various reasons, but I'm now more enthralled after reading this.

This video of a stage collapse at a Surgaland concert is something I saw too many times in a prior career as a lighting technician.

More Later...

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