Tuesday, August 23, 2011

POTG Tuesday Headlines, News, and Notes

After suffering through last night's replay of game one of the Preds-Canucks series replay, Predator fans will find welcome relief tonight in game two action at 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. CDT where the team had a much better showing.

Game one, that was described by the Vancouver media as the closest blowout in history was a real groaner as indicated by the lack of posts at On The Forecheck's open thread. I'm betting tonight's thread will be more active.

Make the jump for today's news and links.

In Pred Nation...

The Predators will be the focus of NHL Home Ice's preview in the 4 p.m. CDT hour today.

Phil Williams at Newschannel5 is doing one of his patented hatchet jobs on Delaware North Corporation who runs the concessions at Bridgestone Arena. He really won't like a piece I'm working on about Jeremy Jacobs and what a benevolent guy he is with his employees.

J.R. Lind has a more balanced look at the positive aspects of the new concession deal with DNC. Phil Williams is a hack.

Mike Fisher talks to Beliefnet about his new book "Defender of Faith." I have an advanced copy and will have a review in the near future.

Jeremy Gover finished up the Predators' forwards and has moved on to the defense in his previews.

David Legwand is today's player profiled at Smashville 24/7.

Dirk Hoag is up to moment # 5 of the Predators playoffs and it involved a pair of the departed.

Paul McCann checks in with a few notes including a rumor of the Preds being interested in Alexander Semin. Hell would freeze over before a team that specializes in teamwork would bring selfish Semin on board.

Wade Belak is among the competitors in this year's Battle of the Blades in Canada.

Josh Cooper has a good summary of the numerous Predators activities slated for this weekend.

Around the NHL...

Worst fears were reported by @reporterchris: The local CTV station in Halifax is reporting that Sidney Crosby is unlikely to be ready for the start of #pens camp. Then there was the standard denial by Crosby's agent.

RLD Hockey kicks off Fantasy Week with a look at Centers with guest commentary by Jeff Angus of Dobber Hockey.

Teemu Selanne has set a date of September 16 as a deadline of deciding whether to return for another season.

Ed Willies indicates Rick Rypien's legacy will lead to help for those battling depression.

Steve Buffery suggests that the NHL should go to a bigger ice surface to increase scoring.

Steve Lapore slices the NHL national TV schedule by day of week and has a complementary piece on this year's NBC/Versus product.

Craig Custance has a few rebound picks for this season.

Lyle Richardson has a list of likely trade candidates from the Eastern Conference,

Puck Daddy's Guilty Pleasures looks at the guy behind Cap Geek, Matthew Wuest.

Ryan Kesler is optimistic that he hill not miss any regular season play after his hip surgery four weeks ago.

The Goalie Guild's periodic table of goaltending elements is a really all-encompassing look at netminder attributes.

So Alexander Ovechkin is now "Mr. Big" with his face on a candy bar in Canada.

Yesterday was the "deadline" for bids for the St. Louis Blues. I wonder when we will hears something.

In a series of Tweets yesterday, Dave Scatchard basically announced his retirement. @DaveScatchard: After a long week of tests at the Mayo clinic Dr.'s have advised me that playing hockey is not an option for me any longer# Wouldn't be safe

Business Journals has a piece on markets that they perceive as being viable future NHL markets and includes my favorite choice, Las Vegas.

Ian Gooding at Kukla's has a look at fantasy values for goalies.

David Moss took part in a home run derby in Calgary hitting from the second base side of the pitchers mound.

Sad news for the Maple Leafs and Flames as The Hockey News has then slotted for 10th place and out of the playoffs.

Odds and Ends...

A Phoenix doctor has an unusual practice traveling in a bus around town to see patients who would not receive care otherwise.

An angry husband tried to kill his wife who was a Waffle House waitress by driving into the local eatery.

More Later...

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