Saturday, August 13, 2011

POTG Weekend Headlines, News, and Links

My wife and I have survived six years of marriage after this crazy wedding ceremony and have grown into being best friends in spite of our individual peculiarities. We celebrated our anniversary last night by going to see "The Help" which is one of the best movies that I have ever seen.

Being raised in a small Southern town during the '50's and '60's we had a maid, Ozell, who raised me and was my best friend growing up. She taught me so much about life and people as she helped mold he into a young adult. What was different than what the movie portrayed, was that she was more a part of the family and still is to this day.

Lots of memories and reflections arose from seeing the movie that will have to wait for another essay at some point in the future.

Make the jump for this weekend's news and links...

Preds' Celebrities...

So what makes the Bridgestone Arena different than the other 29 NHL Arenas? The following video that @JessieLeigh920 Tweeted yesterday tells part of the story.

Nashville Scene Best of Nashville...

As is our normal policy, we choose not to run an active campaign. I would ask that you vote for one of your other favorite Predator hockey blogs in the best blog category.

In Pred Nation...

After last night's thrilling overtime victory on the NHL Network's replay, tonight's game six replay between the Preds and Ducks will bring the series to it's conclusion. A week from Monday will bring the Vancouver series.

Robby Stanley discusses Jordin Tootoo playing in his upcoming contract year. Will we see a new Toots this year like we saw at times during the playoffs last season.

The rumor mill has started with Andrei Kostitsyn allegedly being unhappy in Montreal, and The Fourth Period lists Nashville a a possible destination. I don't see that happening.

The Nashville Predators Foundation is going to present a huge check to the Monroe Carell Children's hospital on Tuesday.

Ryan Porth addresses the distraction issue at Smashville 24/7.

Jeremy Gover uses deductive reasoning to come up with this year's leading scorer for the Predators.

Kris Martel is hoping Lane Lambert has some answers for the Predators anemic power play situation.

Tom Callahan gives an update on what Barry Trotz and Brent Peterson are up to this summer.

Paul McCann makes a case for Kansas City getting an NHL team but the city showed little interest in hockey during last year's playoffs and were consistently at the bottom of the ratings list of US cities.

Jeremy Sargent extolls the virtues of Kevin Klein who is often the fans' whipping boy.

Mark the November 19 game against Columbus on your calendar as a busload of CBJ fans are coming to Smashville to rock the Bridge.

Around the NHL...

Glendale's mayor is expecting an update on the Coyotes situation at a workshop on Tuesday. The city now appears willing to include an "out clause."

Patrick Hoffman ties the hopes of Leaf Nation to James Reimer.

It seems odd that Lee Sweatt retired from hockey after signing with the Ottawa Senators. He single-handedly beat the Preds in a game in January, was then injured, and came back but never played.

The Chicago Cubs negotiated directly with Wayne Gretzky to sign his son Trevor to a hefty contract that included a $375,000 bonus.

I like this brief "Cynicism" post from Tyler Dellow.

Mayor's Manor has young D-Man Kevin Gravel give his insight into the Team USA Junior camp.

There is a bit of controversy as one twin brother shot for another in a charity raffle and made a shot worth $50,000. They have to let the kids have the money.

Odds and Ends...

If you are bored this weekend, you can look at this 360 camera from the PGA Championships.

Long time Cocoa Beach landmark, Ron Jon's Surf Shop, expected to have it's 50 millionth customer yesterday. I'm not sure who was counting but it is highly impressive.

Early this morning, before sunrise, was the peak of this year's Perseid Meteor Shower. There should be more before sunrise for the next few days.

More Later...

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