Thursday, August 11, 2011

POTG Thursday Headlines, News, and Links: Preds Interest Running High During the Dog Days

I can't remember a time in Nashville when the anticipation of the Predators season has been as great as it has been this summer. Normally in August, there is little buzz and a dearth of stories written about the Preds.

This year, even in the post Shea Weber arbitration hearing days, there has been a constant flow of stories and Preds discussion locally. The replays of the Preds playoff game against the Ducks this week appears to have sparked interest too.

We also see in an article below, that the ticket buzz for the Preds has exceeded that of the Titans which has been unheard of in the past.

After a big win in game three on last night's replay, the NHL Network will have game four of the Preds-Ducks first round match tonight. The games have really caught on in Pred-land with Dirk Hoag's open thread for a replay getting over 100 comments.

In Pred Nation...

Kevin Allen says Craig Smith and opened up the eyes of the Preds brass as well as his own eyes at the possibility of playing some games with the Preds this season.

Josh Cooper looks at several of the Preds' young D-Men that may crack the Preds roster this season.

Ice the Office has begun it's Nashville series with Predators Skate with a Beat (Part 1).

Yesterday, the other shoe fell with this from @mirtle: The Preds have now officially bought out Brett Lebda, for just under $1-million. I imagine he'll play in Europe next year.

Section 303 has a new video promoting their "Mega-Road Trip" to Columbus and St. Louis on opening weekend of the NHL season.

Dirk Hoag joins's guest list of bloggers as he writes about Jerred Smithson.

Kris Martel ponders if the next season will be the breakout year for Marty Erat that everyone has been waiting for.

Jeremy Sargent breaks down the Jack Hillen signing at The Predatorial.

I think Paul McCann is ready for hockey to start. He's back to daily updates at his site.

Jas Faulkner analyzed what the Shea Weber situation means for the Predators.

Sam Page has a look at the Shea Weber situation with a twist.

Alfred Branch at Ticket News points out that it is rare for an NHL team to outshine an NFL team in a market but that it is happening in Nashville.

Intent to Blow has their own special treatment of the Shea Weber situation.

From 1-5 PM on August 28, it is Preds day at the Nashville Zoo.

Predators Night at the Nashville Sounds...

The Predators have teamed up with the Nashville Sounds to give half price tickets to season ticket holders to the Nashville Sounds game on Saturday, August 27 at 6 p.m.. Tickets that usually sell for $14 will be $7. Highlights of the deal include Preds Player(s) throwing out the 1st Pitch, Predators Dancers, Gnash, Pete Weber radio play-by-play, Fireworks, Kids can run the bases after the game, Plus much more. Go here to order tickets.

Around the NHL...

Ryan Porth discusses who is the team to beat in the Central Division.

It was generally thought that once the Shea Weber deal was done that Drew Doughty would be able to sign his deal but it is not turning out that way.

Michael Langlois looks at the Leafs' top six defensemen and what they have to prove this year. After the Bill Watters indicating Cody Franson was soft, all eyes will be on him as the year plays out.

Stu Hackel makes the case for Columbus being the next NHL trouble spot.

Five for Howling has more analysis of the latest Phoenix ownership rumors.

Adam Proteau has the top ten NHLers on twitter.

Scott Cullen gives his take on Alex Kovalev's departure and the curse of elite talent.

Kurtenblog is ready to see some three on three overtime action at the R and D Camp next week.

Here is a video interview of Rocco Grimaldi at the Team USA Junior camp. He was one of the more interesting kids at this summers draft.

The Houses of the Hockey is waiting on three D-Men from the class of 2008 to sign a contract.

David Staples has a top ten of issues of putting the new Edmonton arena on an Indian reservation out of the downtown area,

Ryan Dixon has the lowdown on Carey Price's offseason calf roping competition.

Montreal Police have completed their investigation of Zdeno Chara' hit on Max Pacioretty.

Yahoo has surpassed ESPN in number of unique viewers during the month of june.

Odds and Ends...

A group has announced that it intends to wipe out Facebook on November 5. If you have stuff saved there, take heed as they have been successful in past attacks.

If you plan on being dishonest, you best stay off social media.

The Sun unleashed the biggest solar flare in four years on Tuesday. With predicted increased rates of activity in 2013, disruptions in communication could result on Earth.

You can go here to help your favorite park win up to $100,000

More Later...

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Anonymous said...

I can't remember a time in Nashville when the anticipation of the Predators season has been as great as it has been this summer.

How about 2007 when the team was almost moved to Canada?