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POTG Thursday Headlines, News, and Notes: Changes in Store from the R and D Camp

Day one of the R and D camp brought few surprises and plenty of accolades for the talent on the ice. Here is Brendan Shanahan giving his thoughts to the media at the end of the day.

From reading accounts and watching TSN's That's Hockey last night, the most likely immediate changes appear to be the addition of the indicator line the inches into the goal, different goal cameras, and a different kind of net to make it easier to see a goal on review.

They will look further today and have an All-Star Game Skills Completion today. Here is a link to everything you would want to know about the camp.

On the horizon this afternoon is the release of the NHL national TV schedule as well as the AHL schedule. I would imagine that the two game time changes announced earlier this week by the Preds would indicate that those road game will be shown somewhere nationally.

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In Pred Nation...

Amanda DiPaolo has this week's guest post from Bloggers row at and discusses what other teams thing of the Preds' style of play.

Cody Franson and Shea Weber were back instructing at their hometown hockey school and Franson thinks Weber is underpaid at $7.5 million.

Ryan Porth takes a look at Jon Blum in today's preseason preview.

Jeremy Gover previews the Predators forwards for the coming year.

Dirk Hoag has the #10 best moment of last year's playoffs for the Predators. This morning, he points out that there is only 50 days to opening night (but who is counting, right?)

Robby Stanley wants to see the Predators follow the footsteps of the 2003-04 Tampa Bay Lightning.

A.J. gives an analysis of what Brent Peterson had to say on his visit to the Wake-Up Zone yesterday.

Kris Martel asks fans not to panic about the Predators lack of moves in the offseason.

Tom Callahan has his take on the new curved glass being tested at the R and D camp.

We missed this post on bargain contracts from Puck and Punk earlier this week.

Darryl Dobbs looks at the Predators from a fantasy perspective at The Hockey News.

J.R. Lind has the details on Shea Weber's condo sale.

NHL Research and Development Camp...

Here is a link to's special home page for the R and D camp that will give you a variety of stories on individual topics.

James Mirtle considers a few of the changes being tried.

Houses of the Hockey takes a look at a couple of rule changes being discussed.

The Schwartz gives his take on tinkering with the rules and he's not happy.

There are a pair of Koules' at the R and D camp, one playing and one looking for another team to buy.

Around the NHL...

Most folks have forgotten that next year's Winter Classic with the Rangers visiting the Flyers is not yet official. It will be next week, so it appears.

Gary Bettman expects the NHL to look at its behavioral program in light of two recent player deaths.

Nick Cotsonika has an excellent piece on the Rick Rypien death.

Chris Smith is the latest at Puck Daddy's guilty pleasures series.

Big question in St. Louis is will the Blues be sold by the start of the season.

It's August so you have to love a little controversy with Matt Bradley calling out Alex Semin and Bruce Boudreau on Ottawa radio.

The Flyers appear to be grabbing at straws to stabilize their team by inviting Michael Nylander to camp for a try out.

Teemu Selanne has come out of hiding to appear in this commercial.

Steve Lapore is anxiously awaiting today's release of the NHL national TV schedule with thoughts on Wild Card Saturday.

We will continue to play along with the The Hockey News on their day by day countdown in spite of all the leaks, with Winnipeg and Dallas finishing at #13 in their respective divisions.

Oddly enough, Phoenix has signed on with the Gwenett Gladiators to be their ECHL affiliate and the only team left in the Atlanta area.

Odds and Ends...

Tickets to Tennessee Titans games are plentiful, not only on the secondary market but from the team.

Officials in Titusville, Florida think changing the name of Playalinda Beach (long famous for nudity) to Titusville Beach will draw more folks to the city. There are some really interesting back road on the barrier island there where you can see tons of alligators and other wild animals.

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