Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tweets from David Poile's Press Conference and A Detailed RFA Explanation from Mark Willoughby

Since we were unable to attend this morning's press conference with Predator's GM David Poile, we did what the rest of the world does and followed it on Twitter from those who were there. There was no comment on the RFA tender issue but Mark Willoughby has more detail than we have seen elsewhere.

For those unable to follow on Twitter, make the jump for a few pertinent Tweets...

@diamondhockey: Predators are buying out final year of JP Dumont's contract.

@OTFMarc: Poile thanks Sullivan for his contributions to nashville

@Cellblock303: Poile: "I know he's going to play for a couple more years and we wish Steve Sullivan well."

@JoshuaCooper: Preds won't re sign Shane O'Brien

@predsblog: Goc and Wardo going to FA, but not necessarily out

@OTFMarc: Bouillon feeling better, Lombardi still not doing well

@Cellblock303: Poile: "The NHLPA has filed a grievance against the #Preds. I cannot answer any questions on that. We feel good on our position."

@predsblog: Poile trying not to take too many questions on qualifying offers, it seems. Says he'll treat the RFAs as if they're tendered.

@predsblog: Poile: "feel like I'm on trial here" Doesn't seem like he's going to give away the specific thing NHLPA objected too

@Cellblock303: Poile: "If we have the opportunity we'll be looking for a forward (on July 1)."

@OTFMarc: Poile: Weber negotiations won't affect free agency decisions

@OTFMarc: Poile says he talked to Philadelphia about possible trades but nothing came of it

@Cellblock303: Poile: "I know what I'm looking for, I know what I'm willing to give up but the (deal) isn't always there."

@Cellblock303: Poile: "I would maybe prefer a three conference (alignment)."

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