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POTG Monday Headlines, News, and Morning Links

Teams have made combacks in the Stanley Cup Finals after having been down 2-0, but Boston will have their hands full recovering from two very difficult losses where turnovers in the neutral zone led to dramatic game winning goals in the first two games in Vancouver.

I do expect to see the Bruins win one of the two games in Boston but I'm sticking with my prediction of the Canucks hoisting the Cup on home ice on Friday night in game five. Claude Julien clearly does not like playing Western Conference style hockey and he has had more than his share through two games.

Tonight's game three moves to Versus with the pregame beginning at 6:30 p.m. CDT and it should be another close one and should also be the Bruins best chance for a win.

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In Pred Nation...

Josh Cooper takes a look at what Lane Lambert has done in four seasons in Milwaukee as he appears to be ready to move to the Predators.

Steve Sullivan gives his thoughts on the finals so far.

Dirk Hoag found a little nugget that Columbus was trying to lure Mitch Korn from the Preds but he declined.

Greg Duley at The Checking line has had a couple of interesting articles lately. He first looked at which free agents will stay and go and then looked at what free agents David Poile should go after. Both articles are well thought out and I can find little to disagree with in either.

Cody Franson was the featured speaker at the A.L. Fortune school sports banquet last Wednesday when the school's student-athletes were honored.

SCF Tidbits...

Nucks Misconduct sums up game two in one word from the movie "Swingers" - "money."

No one was more "money" than Manny Malhotra who came back to play in the finals with an eye that makes him look like he should barely be out of the hospitable.

The last thing Bruins coach Claude Julien wanted to discuss after the game was Burrow's bite in game one and was clearly flustered when asked in the post game.

Mark Recchi told his critics to "kiss his ass" after he scored a goal in game 2. With his goal, he became the oldest goal score in finals history.

Burrows's game winner eleven seconds in to overtime was the second fastest ever in a Stanley Cup game.  Nine seconds is the record.

This video is great. Max Lapierre gives Patrice Bergeron a chance to bite back with a taunt.

Travis Hughes has a GIF of Rich Perverly's chop on Kevin Bieksa in Saturday's game that caused him to barely make it to the bench. That was a really skilled move to hit the trailing leg like that and get away with it..

Ryan Porth updates the leading Conn Smythe candidates after two games in the finals.

After great game one ratings, game two was a dud by comparison according to Steve Lapore.

Scalpers are out of control selling tickets to watch tonight's game three in Boston on the Jumbotron in Rogers Arena for $75 to $100. The tickets originally sold for $10 with proceeds going to charity.

Here is an interesting bet between rivals. The winner pays for his teams logo to be tattooed on the loser.

Nucks Misconduct has some of the best pics from the first two games.

Kurtenblog went to Fenway Park for a game on Sunday and was surprised at the number of folks in Canuck colors.

Ryan Classic has ten astute observations about the finals' first two game.

The video montage that Hockey Night in Canada did to Canadian singer Bryan Adam's "Cuts like a Knife" was really well done. I have yet to find the video. Let me know if anyone has seen it.

Around the NHL...

Winnipeg sold the remaining 5900 season tickets in four minutes (or 17) on Saturday after 7100 were snatched up in the presale. They capped the waiting list for season tickets at 8000 folks which will require a non-transferable payment each season a person wants to remain on the list. Other perks will come with the fee.

It was also revealed that the Peggers would not retain Rick Dudley as the GM. True North has offered the job to Kevin Cheveldayoff who has been the Assistant GM in Chicago.

In their spare time, True North registered "whiteout" as their own. So will it be the Winnipeg Whiteout?

The Globe has an extended look at David Thomson's love of the game of hockey.

Illegal Curve has a ton of good stuff from the weekend that is worth checking out on all the Winnipeg news.

The Province checks in on the theories of which team will go to the Eastern Conference for the 2012-13 season and makes a good point that it may be up to NBC since they seem to be calling the shots now.

In the scrap heap of what used to be the Atlanta Thrashers lies one legacy that is worth remembering. One fan gave a kidney to another.

This is one of the stranger things that you will see from the weekend. Donald Brashear knocked out Mathieu Bergeron in 21 seconds in his first MMA fight.

Probable first pick in this year's Entry Draft, Ryan-Nugent Hopkins, touched the Stanley Cup when he was eight years old. I wonder if he will be cursed by that.

The Rangers are looking less and less likely as a destination for Brad Richards. On the other hand, he could be trying to push up the price.

Couch Tarts is really bitter over the Sharks' loss to Vancouver.

The Binghamton Senators won game five of the Calder Cup finals 4-2 on Saturday night and take a 3-2 lead to Houston where they have two chances to clinch afgainst the Aeros. Game six is Tuesday night. Binghamton's assistant coach, Steve Sterling, underwent bypass surgery on Sunday and will not travel to Houston.

George Parros is now on Twitter @stache16. He wants to add lumber-jacking in the infield to horse racing.

Odds and Ends...

Nashville Books Examiner Diane Scearce's husband, Phil Scearce has completed a book on the unknown story of B-24's in the South Pacific during World War Two. I find this very interesting since my father was stationed in the Philippines and Papua New Guinea from December 1942 to January 1946. Here is Phil's Facebook page for the book.

There is a new surf movie that hasn't been released called The Westsiders about the Santa Cruz/Mavericks surf scene. I would really like to see this.

The next generation space based telescope that was originally set to launch this year may not go until 2020 and has had massive budget overruns.

Starting July 1, it will be a crime in Tennessee for someone to let another person watch a Netflix movie on their account. It seems like law enforcement's efforts should be focused on gangs, meth labs, and other more dangerous problems than sharing a password.

The removal of the tailings ponds from next to the Colorado River near Dead Horse Point State Park near Moab, Utah to a new holding area 30 miles to the north is ahead of schedule. As nasty ecologically as the sites were, they were really an interesting color to see from the overlook.

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