Sunday, September 25, 2011

Nashville Management Encourages a Wide Variety of Predators - Jets Postgame Wrap-Ups

It wasn't too many years ago when the morning after a Nashville Predators game that you would have to hunt in the Nashville Tennessean to find out what happened the night before. That is no longer the case.

Thanks to Kevin Wilson, the Predators' Manager of Hockey Communication, with the support of the Pred's management and ownership groups, there has never been more coverage of the team than there is this year.

Being a "non traditional market" where the main stream media has a long history of being focused on football 24/7/365, the Predators looked for new ways to reach fans. Last season, they reached out to the Internet media with the official establishment of "Blogger's Row."

Their efforts have blossomed this season with a large stable of writers covering games and practices to produce a quantity and quality of stories that are unprecedented in franchise history.

Make the jump to see a variety of stories from last nights Predator-Jets preseason action...

Predators-Jets Round-Up

Here is our game story featuring Zack Stortini and postgame video of Barry Trotz.

Jim Diamond has the story on Pekka Rinne's cut to the brow.

Josh Cooper has the story of a intermission pep talkgame notes and postgame ponderings.

Brian Mullen has his first episode of musings on the game.

Ryan Porth has his story about the Predators powering past Winnipeg at Smashville 24/7.

Amanda DePaolo has her view of the game at Inside Smashville.

Dirk Hoag has his look at the game at On The Forecheck.

Patten Fuqua said the veterans took it to the Jets when it counted.

David Boclair highlights the Preds three power play goals at The City Paper.

Jeremy Gover has the Preds Thrashing the Jets.

Robby Stanley highlights the new Predator Gold jersey debut.

Paul McCann has his game round-up that includes a gallery of fans from Atlanta.

There were also stories from Lady Pred and Fang Finger.

The Winnipeg side of the story and notes came from the Winnipeg Free Press as well as the Winnipeg Sun.

Finally, here is the video of Zack Stortini and Chris Thorburn's bout early in the opening period.

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